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8 Unique And Romantic Ways Of Asking Her Out For A Date

Asking a woman for a date can at times make you nervous and anxious, even though you have already impressed her. No matter if you are having an intense conversation with each other, you may feel a bit stressed out while deciding how to ask a potential girlfriend for a date. At times, you may opt for asking her out on a text or call but then you may try to look out for other ways. Well, if you want to ask her out in an adorable and unique way, then we are here to help you with some out of the box ideas. Scroll down the article to read more.

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1. Ask Her On The Radio

If your girl loves listening to the radio then you can definitely think of asking her out on a radio programme. Even if she doesn't listen to the radio, you can still dedicate a message for her to a specific show and ask her to listen to that show. For this, you can find a show that allows listeners to convey or dedicate a message.


2. Send A Bouquet Of Flowers Along With A Note

Who said you can give flowers to her only when you meet on a date? Well, you can definitely think of sending a bouquet of flowers to her with a note in it. You can choose a few beautiful flowers such as lillies, roses, etc to make a beautiful bouquet. After that, you can write a heartfelt message along with the question asking if she would like to go on a date with you. We bet you she will definitely like this gesture of yours and won't turn you down.


3. Bake A Cake With A Message On It

One of the other unique ways of asking your girl out is by baking a delicious cake for her and writing a message on the top of it. You can use the icing of the cake to write the question if she would go on a date with you. After this, you can either parcel the cake to her or send a picture of it. We are sure she will be touched by this act of yours and won't deny going on a date with you.


4. Surprise Her With A Proposal

We are sure that you must have seen how a man proposes his lady love in movies and TV shows. Well, you don't have to plan something fancy and dreamy. You can come with some simple yet romantic date ideas such as you can write a message on a cardboard and ask her to come to the window while you stand outside holding the message. You can also decorate a plate with some rose petals and write ‘will you on a date with me?' and then you can send a picture of the same to her. There are plenty of such things for you to do.


5. Send Her A Box Of Chocolates

Chocolates can really help you in asking her out in a unique way. You can send a box of heart-shaped chocolates with a rose and a note asking if she would like to go out with you. We are sure this act will definitely bring a smile to her face and should agree to going on a date with you. Or you can also think of making chocolates on your own and send the same to her.


6. Buy A Beautiful Dress For Her

This is another great idea of asking her out for a date. All you would need to do is buy a dress for her and send it to her with a note in it. For this, you can order a nice dress from online shopping sites. While you are ordering a dress, make sure it is elegant and modest. Refrain from buying anything that would make her feel uncomfortable.


7. Bring Out Your Romantic Side

Bringing out your romantic side before asking her out is always the best thing to do. For this, you can try writing down a poem or a few heartfelt lines for her. This will surely impress her and she won't resist going on a date with you. In case you are not good at writing then you can try painting something for her or by simply recording a video in which you try asking her out in a simple manner.


8. Dedicate A Song To Her

If you have a melodious voice, then you can always try dedicating a song to her. In case, you find it difficult to sing, you can dedicate a song to her on a radio or TV programme. You can think of dedicating a romantic song with some beautiful lyrics. We are sure your girl will love this gesture of yours and will definitely go on a date with you.

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So, these were some of the romantic and unique ways of asking her out for a date. We hope you liked these ways. In case, you have any other ideas then you can also go for the same. Whatever way you think of asking her out, do not force her to accept your proposal. Try to be calm and patient and this will help you in having a great date with your partner.

Story first published: Thursday, December 10, 2020, 16:17 [IST]
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