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7 Types Of Relationships You Should Know About So That You Can Pick The Best One For Yourself!

Love is not like one-size-fits-all. Different people have different experiences while they are in a relationship and it will be interesting to delve deeper and find out the types. Some relationship may last long, while others maybe for a short period of time. Also, some people may go through many relationships before finding their soulmate, while others might find love in their first relationship.

While some relationships can be a lesson for us, others can be an equally beautiful and enriching experience to cherish for life. The reason is people have different expectations and preferences and also people can change with time. So after a certain point of time, people tend to find their own reflection in their partners.

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Let's check out the different types of relationships as this will help you to know your preferences:

1. Monogamous Relationship

This kind of relationship is also known as the traditional relationship. The monogamous couples have only one romantic and sexual partner. In this, two people share their intimacy, love, and sex with one another for a long long time. Most of the people who get married to their partner wish for a monogamous relationship.

2. Polyamorous Relationship

The relationship in which a person is having more than one romantic partner is said to be a polyamorous relationship. Though love is said to exist between two people, for polyamorous people, love can be between more than two people.

Based on one's needs, people in the polyamorous relationship have primary, secondary and subsequent partners. With honesty and effective communication, people can handle their polyamorous relationships effectively.

3. Open Relationship

This kind of relationship allows the couple to have an intimate relationship with anyone they want. However, the couple retains the emotional commitment for each other despite having sexual relationships with other people.

So, it can be conferred, that couple in open relationships might have as many sexual partners as they want, but are emotionally and romantically committed to only one partner.

4. Long-Distance Relationship

A long-distance relationship is the one in which the couple can't meet or see each other frequently. They have no or rare meetings as they live in different places. A long-distance relationship can be monogamous or polyamorous based on one's preference. Due to physical separation, sometimes couples in long-distance relationships may choose to have open relationships as well.

5. Casual Sex Relationship

When two people are said to be in a casual sex relationship, then it means, they lack emotional connection with their partner and therefore, getting sexually involved with other people won't make them feel guilty. Also, they can very well maintain sexual intimacy with their partner for as long as they want.

6. Asexual Relationship

Some people might not feel sexually attracted to people and, therefore, they look for a relationship where they can have purely asexual and a romantic relationship. The reason could be their disinterest in sex or getting bored with lovemaking as well. They look for more of a platonic relationship.

7. Friends With Benefits Relationship

This kind of relationship starts off when two friends mutually decide to be sexually involved with each other, while remaining friends. It can be similar to a casual sex relationship, but with one difference, two people in a relationship are 'friends'. They indulge in platonic sex. Once both the friends or either of them get into a relationship, they might end up their friends with benefits relationship.

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People need to know themselves and have a clear idea about their potential partner before entering into a relationship.

We hope that after reading this article, you will be able to find yourself in one of the aforementioned relationships. A happy and compatible one!All the best!

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