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Are You Trying To Act Normal When Your Crush Is Around? These 7 Tips Will Make It Easy For You

Crush can undoubtedly give you butterflies in your stomach when he/she is around. At that point in time, it may be hard for you to control your feelings and act normal. Doesn't matter if your inclination towards him/her is purely platonic, or if he/she is an identity crush or a romantic crush, you might experience shyness, fast heartbeat and many other intense feelings when your crush is around you. As a result, you may do something that will seem really awkward.

Once your crush is out of sight, then your heart beats at normal pace and you are able to recall the funny or stupid things you did in front of them.

Therefore, it is better to have some self-control on yourself. But we know how difficult it is to have self-control and act normal when your crush is around. Trust us, we can help you.

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1. Take Deep Breaths

Your lungs receive less oxygen when you breathe quickly. As a result, your heartbeat increases and you become tensed very soon. Therefore, it is better to take deep breaths and look away for a while when you feel goosebumps after seeing your crush. This will help you to remain calm and normal.

2. Avoid Ignoring Your Crush

If you think ignoring your crush can help you to stay calm and save you from any awkward move, then you may be wrong. Pretending that your crush is not around or you didn't notice him/her will make you more nervous. Instead, it is better to go to your crush and say 'Hello'. Holding grudges can consume a lot of your time and therefore, releasing it is always better.

3. Wear Confidence

Confidence can help you overcome any difficult situation. It is foolishness to fret over the little flaws that you have. You can wear your best clothes and style your hair in the best possible manner to boost your confidence. Also, this will help you behave normally when your partner is around.

4. Act Slightly Busy

Instead of staring at your crush and daydreaming, it will be better for you to act slightly busy. But that doesn't mean you can't look at your crush. Of course, you can, but don't start staring at him/her and make the situation awkward. It is better that after a quick look at your crush, you get back to what you were been doing. You can also talk to someone over the call to distract yourself.

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5. Say No To Overthinking

No doubt, thoughts will be racing in your mind the moment you spot your crush coming towards you. You will make numerous assumptions in your mind and may reach to a conclusion of your choice. This can make you more nervous things may get really awkward.

6. Make A Steady Move

Instead of blabbering in front of your crush, it is better to be prepared for your next move. You can start off by asking questions like, 'Hey it's been so long since I last saw you', 'Can you please tell me what's the time?' or 'Can you please lend me your book?' These questions can help you to start a conversation and break the ice.

Stressing your mind too much may not help you. You don't have to think much in order to start a conversation with your crush. You can choose some simple topics to talk about.

7. Listen To What Your Crush Has To Say

After you have started a conversation with your crush, make sure you are a good listener as well. This way you will be able to calm down yourself and engage you and your crush in a meaningful conversation. You can also ask his/her experiences in some situations.

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Staying calm while your crush is around you can be tough at times, but it is not impossible to stay calm and deal with the situation in an effective manner. With some presence of mind and the aforementioned tips, you can actually help yourself.

Story first published: Thursday, October 3, 2019, 16:45 [IST]
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