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International Men's Day 2019: Things You Can Do To Make Your Man Feel Special

Just like you, your man too wants to feel loved and special every day. Saying a few romantic words every morning or before going to bed is not enough. You need to do something tangible to woo your man. But then you would look forward to a special day when you can make him feel special. Fret no more as 19 November 2019, is the day when you can do things for your favourite human. For that reason, it is International Men's Day. On this day make your man feel blessed to have you in his life.

For this, we have listed down a few points that can help you in doing sweet things for your man. Read on:

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1. Prepare His Favourite Food

There is a famous saying, 'Aadmi k dil ka rasta, uske pet se ho kar jata hai' (the road to a man's heart goes through his stomach). This indeed is true. But this doesn't mean that you need to stay in the kitchen, forever, cooking his favourite meals and satisfying his taste buds.

Preparing his favorite food on some special occasion or twice a month can really make your man feel loved and that you care for his likes and dislikes.


2. Voice Your Feelings For Him

If your relationship is in its nascent stage and you are head over heels for your man, then you can be the first one to let your man know how much you love him. This will no doubt woo your man.

But, if it's been long since you entered into the relationship with your man then that doesn't mean the spark will never come back or you can't say 'I love you'. If you don't remember the last time you said 'I love you' to each other then make it happen today. You may be having so many sweet feelings for your man. Though he might be knowing the way you feel for him, it is good to voice your feelings at times. For that reason, this can bring you closer to each other and will reduce the chances of unnecessary fights.


3. Compliment His Efforts And Work

Your man may be working hard to give the best to you. Breadwinning is not that easy. For that reason even if you love your job, there can be days when you might feel frustrated due to work pressure or due to the way your boss shouts at you. The same can happen with your man. Therefore, let your man feel that you value his effort and you are absolutely proud of what he is doing for you and the family.

However, if you feel that your man needs to bring some improvement in himself, then tell the same to him but in a polite way.


4. Make Him Your Priority

Every person has his or her own priorities. You may be having your career and your children (if any) as priorities. But do not forget that you have someone whom you have decided to share your life with. Let your man know that he is still among your priorities and you can't afford to see him in pain or trouble.

For this, you can put down your phone while you are spending some time with him. You can also surprise him by bringing some sweet gifts for him such as his favourite books or the headphone he wanted to buy.

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5. Don't Feel Shy To Show Your Affection For Him

It is good to hold hands in public or look into his eyes while you are out for dinner. Showing affection by doing sweet little things can actually make your man feel lucky and blessed to have you. Also, you can caress his forehead while he is trying to sleep after a tiring day at work. Before leaving for your respective work, you can plant a soft kiss on his forehead or on his cheek.

This will not only make him smile for the whole day but will also make him feel special and loved.


6. Let Him Be What He Wants To Be

At times, couples have so many expectations from each other. But being a dictator and expecting your man to be what you want is not a good thing. This may make him feel stuck in the relationship. Instead, be an inspiration for your man to let him be what he wants to be.

If you want him to bring some positive change and work on his grey areas, then motivate him for the same. In other words, you should be the change that you want to see in your man.


7. Listen To His Problems

At times your man might be upset and frustrated over various things. He may not feel like laughing, enjoying or doing things that love to do. In such situations, you should be ready to listen to his agony. Ask him to share his problems with you. Even if you do not have any idea how to solve his problems, listening to him when he wants you to listen can help you in making him feel loved and special.


8. Cuddle Him Whenever You Are alone

It might be possible that due to a heavy work schedule and never-ending responsibilities, you may not get the chance to show your love or cuddle your man. But this international men's day you can try to cuddle and show love to your man whenever both of you get some alone time.

Cuddling can actually help both of you in igniting the lost spark in your relationship.


9. Make Time For Bedroom Romance

Doesn't matter if you have a heavy work schedule or not, it is good to take some time for the bedroom romance. Even passionate foreplay can spice up your relationship. Quick physical intercourse will not only give you pleasure but will also bring you closer both emotionally and physically.

How Cuddling Can Help Couples To Rekindle Their Romantic Relationship

No human is perfect and there are chances that your man will commit several mistakes. But, that doesn't mean you need to scold him or be rude to him. Trusting your man and showing support to him can do wonders in your relationship.

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