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Valentine’s Day 2021: How To Lift Your Girl’s Mood And Make Her Feel Better

There can be times when your girlfriend may feel low for some reasons. During such times, you may want to cheer her up and make her feel better. You may try doing things to make her feel better and loved. But it could be possible that you may turn out of ideas to lift her mood.

To help you in this, we are here with a list of things that you can do to lift her mood and make her feel special. If you are wondering what those ways are, scroll down the article to read more.


1. Respect Her Choices

Your girlfriend may have a slightly different choice. She may prefer things that you may not. But that shouldn't be an issue in your relationship. Being a supportive and caring partner, you should respect your partner's choice. Once you start respecting her choices and preferences, you'll see her feeling better and loved.


2. Listen To What She Has To Say

Often people want someone who could listen to them and so does your girlfriend. At times, you may see that your girlfriend wants to share something and in such case, she may want you to listen to her. Nodding absentmindedly to whatever she is saying can make her feel ignored. She may feel that you are not interested in what she wants to say.


3. Send Her Sweet Messages

A sweet and heartfelt message can actually make one's day. You may not know this but your one small message can make her day beautiful. This is because when you send her a text, it shows that you are thinking about her. She will definitely feel delighted after receiving your messages filled with love and care.


4. Appreciate Her Efforts And Achievements

Sometimes the best way to make her feel better is by appreciating her efforts. Your appreciation can make her feel that you love and care for her. She will definitely feel better to know that you are proud of what she is doing. However, you need to make sure that you do not give her fake compliments.


5. Give Her Advice When She Needs Them

There can be times when your girlfriend may need your advice in various things. Being her partner, you would never want to see her doing the wrong things but that doesn't mean you will advise her every now and then. It is better to advise her when she needs it. Rest of the time, you may just listen to her and give her beautiful and encouraging compliments.


6. Stay Calm And Patient

There could be times when your girl may have a bad day. As a result, she may behave in a different way. For example she may seem annoyed and frustrated. In such a situation, instead of feeling bad or upset due to the change in her behaviour, you need to stay patient and calm. You need to understand that during such moments she needs you to understand her.


7. Be A Little Humorous

Adding a little humor to your light conversations can never do any harm. Even if you and your girlfriend are having tough times, a little humor can lift the mood and help you in leaving behind the gloominess. She will definitely feel happy and better. But when you are trying to make her laugh, make sure you do not mock her in any sense. Avoid joking around topics that are sensitive or may hurt her sentiments.


8. Take Interest In Her Hobbies

Taking interest in your girlfriend's hobbies can help you in making her feel better. There could be a long list of things that you can do to make her feel better. Reading her favourite book, cooking a delicious meal or watching movies with her will surely make her day. You just need to find what your girlfriend loves to do.


9. Avoid Controlling Her

Controlling your girlfriend's choices, thoughts and references can be one of the biggest turn offs and this can make her feel miserable and upset. So instead of deciding what she should do, wear, eat or say, let her live her life as per her choice. Let her know that she has the key to her happiness and you will never try to impose any restrictions on her.

We are sure that you have understood how to make your girl feel special and loved. So now it is the time to implement these steps and bring a smile to your girlfriend's face. With these steps you will not only make her feel better and special but also enjoy your Valentine's Week with her.

Story first published: Tuesday, February 2, 2021, 15:00 [IST]