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7 Signs You Are Being Self-Centered In Your Relationship

In a relationship, both partners are equally important. The moment one of the partners overpowers and takes control of the relationship, things can become ugly. You may consider yourself a good partner who never stops his/her significant other from anything but then there can be times when you may become self-centered in your relationship.

You may not realise this but some of your actions and words can make you seem selfish in the relationship. In order to know if you are being selfish in your relationship, scroll down the article to read the below-mentioned telltale signs.


1. You Give More Importance To Your Needs

This is one of the biggest telltale signs that you are self-centered in your relationship. Instead of giving equal importance to both of your needs, you are more inclined towards fulfilling your needs. You hardly care about what your partner wants. At times, you may try to look after the needs of your partner but then you may seem to get annoyed easily.


2. You Accuse Your Partner Of Being Selfish

Do you often find yourself accusing your partner of being selfish? Even though your partner does things to make you happy and feel special, you never appreciate his/her efforts. In fact, you may often accuse him/her of spoiling your mood. You may even call your partner selfish and self-centered during any argument.


3. You Are Over Critical Of Your Partner

If you are always on your toes to criticise your partner and find faults in him/her, then this could be a sign that you are self-centered in your relationship. You may criticise every single habit of your partner and consider him/her good for nothing. No matter how hard your partner tries to make things better, you always find one or two faults in your partner. Even though you are yourself at fault, you never admit your mistakes.


4. You Never Listen To Your Partner’s Opinions

In a relationship, both the partners are equally important and so is their opinions and thoughts. But if you are never interested in listening to your partner's opinions and thoughts, then this could be a red flag. You may ask your partner to consider what you think and say but when it comes to listening to your partner, you turn a deaf ear towards him/her. You may feel bored when your partner talks about his/her problems.


5. You Often Interrupt Your Partner

The moment your partner tries to point out something or speak about his/her problems, you may interrupt him/her. Instead of listening to what your partner says, you may ask him/her to keep quiet or you may divert the topic. Even if he is saying something important or letting you know the reasons behind his/her sufferings, you may not intend to listen to the same. But when it comes to sharing your problems and opinions, you will make sure that your partner is all ears to you.


6. You Accuse Your Partner Of Everything

Are you always accusing your partner of every wrongdoing? No matter whose fault it is you never stop yourself from accusing your partner. The moment your partner points out your mistakes, you feel like breaking a frying pan on his/her head. This is because you consider yourself perfect. When it comes to your partner, you often hold your partner responsible for every mishappening in your life.


7. You Expect Your Partner To Change For You

Expecting your partner to change for yourself is itself a red flag that you are being selfish and self-centered in your relationship. Every time you ask your partner to change his/her habit and work on himself/herself, it shows that you are not that accepting of your partner. Instead of bringing positive changes in your lifestyle and habits, you may often ask your partner to adjust according to you.

Being self-centered in a relationship can weaken your bond and create differences between you and your partner. This shows that you aren't giving equal importance to your partner. Instead of doing the above-mentioned things, try your best to keep a proper balance in your relationship.

Story first published: Monday, November 30, 2020, 13:52 [IST]
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