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12 Gestures Through Which You Could Express Love For Your Partner

Every relationship is special and therefore, couples always try to come up with interesting ideas to make their partners feel special. But if you are clueless about how to keep the flames alive in your relationship you don't have to bring expensive gifts and flowers for your partner. Even a simple gesture could speak volumes about your feelings for your partner. There are so many easy ways through which you could show your partner how deeply you love him or her. We have mentioned some of them in this article and therefore, you could scroll down to read them.

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1. Write A Beautiful Note Or Letter

Though letters and notes sound a little bit old-fashioned, they still are one of the best ways through which you could express your feelings to your partner. Doesn't matter if you are always connected to your partner through texts, leaving small notes for your partner could make him or her feel special. You could write sweet things about your partner or how much you love your partner.


2. Give Your Partner A Break From Household Chores

What could be a better gesture than giving your partner a day's break from the household chores? If it is your partner who does the entire or most of the household chores then make your partner feel special by doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. You could also do the laundry work or make a bed for your partner.


3. Appreciate Your Partner For Their Achievements

It is good to appreciate people for their achievements and therefore, you could do the same for your partner. Let him or her know that you are proud of him or her and wish to see them achieving their career goals. At times, when your partner is upset about things that didn't go well, you could boost up your partner's confidence by appreciating his or her efforts.


4. Talk Sweet Things And Hold Hands Together

Holding hands could be one of the most romantic gestures, especially if your relationship is in the initial phase. While you and your partner are talking sweet things, you could hold hands or wrap your arms around your partner. This gesture is surely going to make your partner feel special and you could see him or her blushing.


5. Give Your Partner A Nice Massage

One of the best ways to make your partner feel loved is by giving him or her a soothing massage. In case, you don't know how to massage, you could start by rubbing your partner's shoulder while he or she is sitting on a sofa or a chair. You could also offer a foot massage to help him or her in feeling relaxed after a tiring day.


6. Take Your Partner On A Surprise Date

Everyone loves surprises and so does your partner. If you are looking forward to letting your partner know the intensity of your love, then you could plan a nice surprise for him or her. For this, you don't have to spend your entire salary and savings. You could take your partner on a surprise date or if you aren't willing to go out, then you could order some good food at your place. With some beautiful candles and soft music, you could plan a surprise date at your place too.

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7. Order Your Partner's Favourite Food

There could be times when you and your partner may debate over what to eat. Even after you go through numerous options, both of you may not be able to decide what to eat. In that case, you could order your partner's favourite food. This would not only make your partner happy but would save you from landing up in a fight. Also, your partner would feel that you actually care for his or her likes and dislikes.


8. Initiate Reconciliation After Fights

No matter how mad you are at your partner, there is no point fighting infinitely. In order to keep the bitterness and grudges at bay from your relationship, it is a good thing to initiate reconciliation. This would show that you value your relationship more. Your partner too would admit his or her mistakes and thus, you could sort out things in a calm way.


9. Initiate Short Conversations Often

Even if both of you are busy in your respective workplaces, calling your partner and having a short conversation could strengthen your relationship. You don't have to think of some topics to talk with your partner. Ask your partner about their work and if they had lunch. This would help you in maintaining communication.


10. Bring Some Unexpected Gifts For Them

Now, this doesn't mean you need to purchase something expensive. You could buy something which your partner needs or is about to run out. Such as if your partner's shoes are getting old, you could buy him or her a pair of new shoes. You could also bring cupcakes for your partner to lighten up their mood.


11. Pick A Dress That Your Partner Loves To See You In

A time comes in relationships when couples dress in those loose comfy sweatshirts and track pants. So if this is the case in your relationship, then you could think of dressing up for your partner and surprising him or her. Choose a dress or shirt you think would surprise your partner. You could also put on the dress your partner loves to see you in.


12. Tag Your Partner In Some Sweet Memes

While most of us are social media addicts, therefore, we all are familiar with tagging our partners or friends on interesting or funny posts. This can also initiate communication between couples who are in long-distance relationships.

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No matter what you do for your partner, make sure that your emotions are honest and straight from your heart. A relationship is more about what you think about your partner, not what you say to them.

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