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6 Things Couples Need To Stop Sharing With Their Friends

Are you the one who feels comfortable in sharing your relationship problems and funny moments with your friends? If yes, then you are not the only one who does this. Several couples discuss their relationship issues with their friends and seek their advice. They also disclose their funny moments to their friends in a platonic way. Yet there are some things that you and your partner should keep private.

What are those? Well, let us find out.

1. Details About Sex

Sex is a personal thing for couples and therefore, it is better to keep it between you two. If you and your partner are comfortable in sharing the details about your sex life then it is good. Else it might create a rift between you two.

"While it's great to see a couple that clearly adores one another, it's probably best to keep intimate details private," Dr Annie Hsueh, PhD, licensed clinical psychologist. [1]

Telling your friends how unsatisfied you are with your sex life can make your partner feel inferior and embarrassed.

2. Financial Issues

Every person on earth wants to be in a good financial condition. When the financial condition worsens, people face different issues. The same happens when couples go through financial issues. If the problem persists for long, couples might decide to split.

Almost every couple go through financial issues but this should not be disclosed in front of others. The time that you spend in airing your financial issues will not solve the matter but will create further problems for you and your partner.

3. Confidential Details

Trust is the backbone of every relationship as it integrates two people. There is a solution to all kinds of problems in the relationship but betrayal is no cure. When your partner tells you a secret or asks you to keep something as confidential, then it means your partner is putting his/her trust in you.

Maybe your partner has shared a particular detail only with you. In that case, if you disclose the detail, shared by your partner to someone else, you are betraying your partner's trust. The moment your partner comes to know that you have disclosed the confidential detail, your partner might feel hurt and cheated. As a result, your partner won't trust you ever.

4. Heated Arguments And Fights

Apart from the physical and emotional abuse, you should not disclose your petty fights to someone else. Your true friends will help you and try to solve your problems but this might lead to further problems. What if your partner doesn't like your friend's involvement in the matter? Or what if your friend mocks you and your relationship?

Your partner might consider this act as a way to gain sympathy from friends. Moreover, discussing fights with your friends will create a negative image of your partner.

5. Insecurities

How will you feel when you come to know your partner shares every single detail with his/her friends? Will you approve of this? Letting your friends know the weak points and insecurities of your partner will make your partner feel betrayed. Moreover, your partner will then lose his/her self-esteem.

6. Future Goals

It is better to work in silence than to make a public announcement regarding your future goals. This might sound bizarre but sharing future goals with your friends can bring unnecessary expectations to you.

For example, you have told your friends that you and your partner are planning for a child. But then you decide to keep it on hold for a year. In this case, your friends might ask you again and again about your family planning. Then you might feel frustrated and annoyed.

Yet if you really want to make an announcement then make sure you and your partner are on the same page.

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