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These Are A Complete No-No If You Are Planning To Go On A Date

Finally, you are all set to go on a date with the person you have been talking to after you right-swiped him or her on a dating app. You must be deciding what to wear, taking advice from friends and rehearsing the things you will be saying to your date so that you don't end up messing things up. Else everything might get spoiled.

But do you know about some of the red flags that can ruin your date? Though these things may not seem too serious, these can surely turn off your potential partner in no time.


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Scroll down to read what are those red flags:

1. Picking Your Nose


Picking nose is not a bad thing if done while taking a bath or using the restroom. It can turn off your partner, the moment he or she spots you picking nose. This shows you are either unaware of basic etiquettes or do not care to follow them.

It is better to make sure you do not pick your nose or use the restroom if you feel the urge to pick and clean your nose.

2. Wearing Stinking Socks



God save you from the loss that you might incur after wearing stinking socks on your date. Even if the person sitting on the other side of the table is impressed by you, he or she can turn you down the moment that foul smell of your stinking socks enters his or her nostrils.

Make sure you clean your feet properly and replace your sweaty and stinking socks with a clean pair.

3. Burping And Farting


Though burping and farting is a natural thing, it can ruin your wonderful date. Because fart doesn't smell like roses, and the same applies for burps. It can be annoying and awkward for your date and he or she might perceive you for having unhealthy eating habits and indigestion problems.

So better take care of what you eat before going on a date!

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4. Itching Your Body


You might have an itching sensation, but it is advisable that you don't insert your hands inside clothes and start itching here and there. The first thing your date might assume that you are not fond of hygiene or haven't take a shower for days.

Therefore, make sure you bathe properly and apply some lotions or talcum to avoid itching. Also, control your hands while you are with your date.

5. Chewing Your Food Loudly


We are not savages and there are some basic table etiquettes that one can follow to make themselves look well-mannered. Making sound while chewing your food is not a pleasant sound that will attract your date towards you. The sound can appear quite irritating to some people and this will surely make your partner feel annoyed.

To save yourself from such a situation, practice eating without producing any sound. This will also save you from embarrassment.

6. Coughing And Spitting Phlegm


Coughing constantly without covering your mouth and then throwing phlegm or mucus in the open can really seem disgusting to your partner.

If you are sick and continuously coughing, don't go on a date, ask your date for some more time and get well before you plan for a date or if you have to go out on a date today itself, then at least find yourself a restroom and do all the unpleasant activities there, not in front of your partner where she is sitting with her "cheese" burger. You got the drift, right? Haha!

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7. Spitting While Talking


Nobody is fond of your spit, so why spit while you are talking (Ewwwww!). Also, this is impolite and rude and thus, your partner will run away for sure. If spit comes out of your mouth quite often, then work on it or take the help of a doctor.

One suggestion that always comes handy in this case is that you make sure to speak slowly and in a calm manner while having a conversation. This will help you in avoiding spitting while talking.

8. Being Busy On The Phone


Though your phone would have helped you in finding your potential partner, being busy in your phone can make your partner feel ignored and hence, can ruin your date.

Instead of looking into your phone and replying to all the messages, enjoying your date can really work for you. Also, if you constantly stare at your screen, your date will get the message that you are not interested in him/her.

9. Getting Over-Drunk


If your partner offered you drink then that doesn't mean you have to break your character and lose control over yourself. You can always say no if you're going on your first date, or control consumption of alcoholic drinks.

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We hope you remember these necessary tips while planning a date, spend quality time with your partner and have a wonderful time. All the best!

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