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14 Tips That Can Be Super Helpful For Online Dating In 2020

In the past few years, the dating scenarios have completely changed and from a hush-hush topic, online dating has become the new cool thing. When traditional dating fails, this is something Millenials are looking forward to. Time to leave behind the bad online dating apps in 2020. We have listed 14 tips to make online dating easier for you.

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1. Writing Too Impressive Bios Is A Big No

Let's be honest here. Not everyone is capable of taking stunning photos or writing extraordinary bios. The person on the other side may soon find out that you have given too much effort in making your profile flawless and that can be least appealing. Also, mentioning false details about yourself may backfire you.

2. Avoid Bragging Or Putting Yourself Down

Listing down your achievements and goals on a dating profile may earn you brownie points but then you need to ensure you aren't bragging about yourself. This is not a job offer you have to qualify for, you are looking for a partner. Remember, confidence is a good thing and arrogance is never praised.

Also, do not underestimate yourself in front of other people. Avoid using phrases like 'I am not good at XYZ', 'I am a late bloomer' or 'Teacher used to punish me during school days' in your bio. This way you showcase your vulnerabilities and low self-esteem.

3. Go Through Their Profile

Once you are using online dating platforms, you will get to see so many amazing people. It is best to not judge people because of their choices and find the one who you feel is right for yourself. But you don't have to rush the moment you see someone attractive and appealing. Before you swipe right, take a moment to go through their profile and know about them. Who knows you may like the person even more after going through their bio or save yourself from dating a wrong person. Since you will be investing your time and emotions when dating the person, make sure you do not invest in someone who doesn't deserve you.

4. Keep A Decent Profile Picture

No doubt, your bio is an essential factor in your profile but you must know that a picture will add authenticity to your profile. Otherwise, people may perceive you as a fake person.. Keep aside the insecurities about your physical appearance and fear of being judged or getting rejected on dating platforms.

5. This Is Not Your Matrimony Profile

While you are tailoring your profile on dating platforms, understand that you are not making a matrimony profile. So writing things like, 'I am looking for a 5.5 feet person', 'looking for an engineer/doctor' or 'want to date someone who has a fair complexion' can appear to be foolish.

6. Be Who You Are

It is obvious that you may want to look your best in your profile picture but then posting a flattering picture of yours is not a good thing. Rather than trying to hide your flaws and pretending to be someone else, it is better to be who you are. Let people know that you confidently accept your flaws.

7. Make Sure You Do Not Sound Desperate

Now that you have got a match, don't sound too desperate and cliché. Flooding your partner's inbox with repeated messages may backfire you. Don't be too quick to ask his/her number or pictures or getting anxious for not receiving quick replies will show your negative side.

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8. Find Out If You Are On The Same Page

It is not necessary that every person that you come across on online dating platforms will have similar ideas or perspectives about relationships. It can be possible that your partner wants to be in a serious and close relationship, while you are looking for a fling. Things can be messed up if both of you do not convey what's on your mind.

9. There Is No Good In Being Rude

There can be times when people may not respond back due to many reasons. Just let them go! Since you don't know them, judging and continuously nagging them is not very polite. Don't say mean things to them rather work on yourself and become the best version of yourself.

10. Avoid Carrying The Baggage Of Your Ex(es)

You may have a history of failed relationships and heart-breaks but that doesn't mean you need to disclose your past, the moment you find a potential partner. Also, stop trying to draw a parallel between your past and present relationships. It is not good to hold on to the grudges.
Your past relationship is over and therefore, there's no point mentioning anything about your ex-partner or any incidents related to him/her.

11. Find Out More About The Person

Go beyond the physical attraction! You may find someone too attractive after going through their profile picture but you need to know about the person. For this, you can ask his/her hobbies, aspirations, likes and dislikes. Though stalking is not a good thing to do, you can go through his/her social media profiles on other platforms to find out what kind of person he or she is.

12. Do Not Share Your Pictures And Videos Too Soon

Don't rush! Once both of you have started talking, there can be times when your partner may ask you to share your photos and videos. But instead of blindly trusting the person and showing all your cards, you need to ensure your safety. Apart from this, play safe with someone who immediately asks you to hang out or come over at his/her place. After all, you don't know about their intentions.

13. Give Some Time Before Jumping Into A Relationship

Just because you got a match, it doesn't mean you have to initiate the relationship at the same time. After all, it is essential to know if both of you are compatible or not. Before jumping into the relationship, you need to give some time to each other. This way both of you will be able to understand each other and develop a good bond. Once you are sure that the person is good and someone you can trust in, you can happily propose them.

14. Plan Meeting At A Place You Are Aware Of

When you plan your first date, you can think of a meeting at a place you are aware of. Your potential partner may decide a venue or ask you to come over his/her place. Instead of blindly accepting the offer, try to suggest a few places that you are aware of.

But still going on a date with someone you just met online can be risky. Therefore, before going on a date you can inform your friends or someone trustworthy. This way you will be able to seek their help if things go wrong or the person turns out to be creepy.

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You may come across people who are not what you expected them to be but feeling dis-heartened is not the solution. We are not cupids but with the above-mentioned tips, we are trying to let you have a better online dating experience. You can use these tips to find someone who makes you happy and special.

Story first published: Wednesday, March 4, 2020, 14:57 [IST]