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8 Tips On How To Apologise To Your Ex-Partner

Going through a breakup isn't an easy thing. You may feel lost, depressed, sad and upset. This is because at the time of the breakup, you are overwhelmed by emotions and those emotions run wildly in your brain. It hurts you to see that the relationship that initially made you feel happy and special is now moving towards the dead end.

You may not be the one who initiated the breakup and would try your best to stop that person from going away. Or it could be that in the course of time, you realised your mistakes and wrong doings in the relationship and therefore, you want to apologise to your partner.

But apologising to your ex-partner, may seem difficult for you. This is because of the guilt and awkwardness that follows after breakup. In case, you are wondering how to apologise to your ex-partner, then scroll down the article to read more.


1. Make Your Mind

First things first, you need to make up your mind for seeking apologies from your ex-partner. Ask yourself, are you ready to admit your mistakes and seek forgiveness for the same? Seeking an apology from your ex-partner is a good thing but it can turn out to be a disaster if you are too soon for it. By saying so, we mean if you aren't ready for it and haven't realised your mistakes, then you may not be able to convey your feelings in a better way. One you have made your


2. Send An Apology Text

One of the easiest ways of apologising to your ex-partner, you can try to send an apology text to him/her. For this, you can send a simple text without any fancy words. All you have to do is stick to the point and type an apology to him/her stating you have realised your mistakes. This will help you in apologising to your ex-partner without feeling awkward and embarrassed.


3. Call Your Ex-Partner

If you feel comfortable enough to call your ex-partner and seek apology then you can go for it. But before you dial his/her number, hold your horses for a upminute to think if it isn't too soon. We mean to say, wouldn't it be a bit awkward to call him/her when you already had an argument a few days ago? You may call him/her without delaying but then letting your ex-partner have some space can be a better option than calling while you are still at loggerheads.


4. Plan A Face-To-Face Meeting

Meeting your ex-partner and then apologising to him/her can be another way. But by doing so, it is advisable to analyse if both of you would feel comfortable in doing so? If yes, then you can plan of meeting for a coffee or at a place you both visited together. Initially, you may feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable but calming your nerves and keeping yourself calm can help you in this situation.


5. Be Clear About What You Say

This is one of the most important things that you need to do. Unless you do not convey your thoughts, opinions and feelings in a clear and lucid manner, you won't be able to seek forgiveness. Or maybe your ex-partner doesn't get your words right. Moreover confused and misleading conversation can lead to misunderstanding that would cause further problems. Therefore, instead of saying random things just be clear about what you say.


6. Keep It Short And Simple

Remember, you are apologising to your ex-partner. Therefore instead of using some punch lines and lame jokes, just stick to the point. You don't have to memorise lines and apology quotes. All you need to do is, seek forgiveness without going round the conversation and stick to the topic.


7. Let Your Ex-Partner Speak As Well

One way conversation can be a disaster if you are thinking to apologise to your ex-partner. Let him/her speak as well. Once you have spoken your heart out, let your ex-partner for the same. This way, you will be able to understand what he/she feels about you.


8. Do Not End Up Playing The Blame Game

If you have decided to seek forgiveness from your ex-partner, then do not jump into a blame-game. Let your conversation be a healthy one. It's better to admit your mistakes rather than pointing out each other's mistakes. Else, things will worsen between you and your ex-partner. You may then regret having a conversation with him/her.

Story first published: Tuesday, November 3, 2020, 18:45 [IST]
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