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Valentine Week 2022: Quotes, Messages & Wishes To Share On This Hug Day

Hugging your partner is probably one of the best feelings. After all, being in the arms of the one you love will no doubt give you a Hug Day marks the sixth day of Valentine's week. Every year the day is observed on 12 February. On this day, couples usually celebrate by hugging and embracing each other. They do so to express their love for each other.

This year, you can celebrate Hug Day by not only giving a tight hug but also by sharing some heartfelt and beautiful quotes and wishes. If you are wondering what could be the lines that you could share, then we are here to help you. We have brought down some quotes, messages & wishes that you can share with your beloved on this day.

1. "I have found my home in your arms. I love you darling and wish you a Happy Hug Day."

2. "Your embrace makes me feel lively and energised. I wish to be in your arms forever. Have a Happy Hug Day my love."

3. "At times, I want to say that hold me tight between your arms, so that no one separates us. Happy Hug Day my love."

4. "When you hug me, I feel happy and secure. I lose all my worries and fears. Happy Hug Day my love."

5. "Here's a tight hug to my sweetheart on Hug Day. You are my sunshine. "

6. "This Hug Day, I want you to know that you are the reason behind my happiness. I wish I could hug you right now."

7. "Though we are in a long distance relationship, I always feel that your arms are around mine. I wish you a Happy Hug day my dearest."

8. "Sending a virtual hug to my favourite person. Though we aren't physically together, you are always on my mind. Wish you a Happy Hug Day baby."

9. "The way you hug me, it speaks about the love you have for me in your heart. Have a Happy Hug Day sweetheart."

10. "Isn't it magical to feel your arms around mine, despite this distance between us. Hope to see you soon. May you have a Happy Hug Day."

11. "On this Hug Day, I am sending you my love and best wishes. May this day strengthen our bond and bring us closer. "

12. "Do you know that when you hug me, the world seems even more beautiful and my heart skips a beat?"

13. "While I celebrate this Hug Day with you, I just want to tell you that I want to keep you safe in my arms till my last breath."

14. "Love, your hug is the only thing that makes me feel better during the gloomy situation. I think your hug is more like a spell to me. Happy Hug Day to the love of my life."

15. "Darling, let us spend this Hug Day by cuddling together and spending some quality time. Let us make this Hug Day memorable for both of us."

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