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13 Golden Rules To Keep The Spark Alive In A Relationship

There are rules in many aspects of life. We have rules in sports, in games, at our respective homes, in schools, at public places and the list goes on. The similar is the case with relationships. These rules are not for deciding who wins and who loses. Instead, rules ensure that the relationship goes on smoothly and peacefully. The moment you break these golden rules, you will be compromising your relationship.

So let us go through these rules one by one.

1. Trust Each Other

Trust is one of the pillars of any relationship. It establishes a bond of integrity between two people. The moment you lose trust in someone, you no longer consider them as a part of your life and vice versa. The same rule applies to couples in a relationship. If you don't trust your partner, you might lose their love for you. When you trust your partner, you make them an integral part of your life.

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2. Be Honest With Each Other

Couples are meant to stay together and have equal partnership. For this, you need to practice honesty with your partner. While being in a romantic relationship with your partner, consider your partner worthy to know the truth. You can never win the confidence of your partner if you tell lies. Falsehood can never make a relationship last long.

3. Let The Past Remain In Past

Past is called as 'past' because it has passed. Therefore, the past of you and your partner should remain in the past only. It is always a bad idea to drag your exes to your present.
Do not let the baggage of your past spoil your present as nobody like to be compared with anyone else. Moreover, it can hurt the sentiment of your partner as it gives them a signal that you are still not over your exes. Uttering words like, "I should have stayed with...." or "my past relationship was better," will surely cost you your present relationship.

4. Fight Fairly

Since you and your partner come from different traditions and environment, it is obvious that your perspectives and thoughts might contradict with each other. There will be times when both of you won't agree on some things. But if you know how to fight fairly, you can save your relationship from becoming fragile.
It is tough to stay calm when you are already mad at your partner but you should respectfully convey the matter. It is not necessary to win the argument to prove your dominance and superiority. You can prove your point calmly too.

5. Never Curse

Cursing can bring your relationship to a dead end. When you curse your partner you show your contempt towards them. Once you curse your partner, all your post-curse apologies will seem fake and won't erase your words from your partner's memory.

6. Give More Receive Less

Love is all about what and how much you give to the one you love. It doesn't mean you have to shower your partner with gifts and flowers. Instead, you need to give time, love and support to your partner. That's the ultimate gift.

You should not think 'why should I'. Love is kind and so you have to show kindness for your partner. If you won't give this to your partner, they might find these elsewhere.

Also, give your partner the best companionship they can ever have. Be the best friend of your partner.

7. Give Space

Everyone loves their freedom. A relationship should not feel like a cage to anyone. Let your partner have their share of freedom. You should not control your partner. The more freedom you provide, the greater you seem to your partner. Else your partner might look for ways to break the cage and fly away.

8. Stop Blaming

Every human commits mistakes because all of us have some flaws. But blaming your partner every now and then can weaken your relationship. When you blame your partner repeatedly, you might sound complaining and annoying. Words like, 'you never understand me,' 'you never help me in household,' or 'it is your fault,' sound so rude.

It is okay to let your partner realise his/her mistake and for that you can use some polite words like 'can you please listen to me,' 'please try to understand me' or 'I love when you help me in household,' will not only help your partner to realise the responsibilities but will also save your relationship from bitter fights.

9. Never Sleep With Problems

The rude behaviour, irresponsibilities or any fault of your partner might disturb you and you might get angry. But sleeping with grudges in your heart and anger in your mind can never mend things. It is better to solve the issue and have a peace treaty before going to bed. This will save you from the next day's fight and arguments. Moreover, if your partner tries to reconcile then avoid slamming the door or shouting at him/her.

10. Communicate Properly

Communication is highly important in any kind of relationship. You along with your partner should try to nurture an environment where both of you can have open communication. This way you will be able to build an emotional connection between you and your partner. Instead of giving the silent treatment to your partner, you should encourage talking and sharing of thoughts.

11. Be United As A Team

You and your partner are a team. You are each other's support. Therefore, you should own up to it. Never let your partner feel alone and left out. Be there to pick your partner the moment they stumble. Help your partner to work on their grey areas. This way your relationship will be able to withstand the test of time.

12. Learn And Grow Together

Since both of you are a team, you should always learn and grow even when everything is fine. Have a sense of humility for each other. As a couple, both of you should be ready for grabbing growth opportunities. The growth and improvement should also be on a personal level as well. Be the best version of you for your partner.

13. Have Intimacy Outside Sex

A good relationship should have intimacy other than sex. It brings you closer and builds an intimate bond. For this, you can have jokes, sweet moments, laughter, and the sense of each other's touch. This is one of the golden rules that will keep your relationship evergreen.

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A relationship can be complicated. But one should know how to mend things instead of blaming and cursing. Working on the relationship and making the best out of it will always lead a relationship towards happiness.