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6 Ways That Can Come Handy If You Are Stuck With A Creepy Date

Every person has a different experience when it comes to dating or being in relationships. There is a high chance that if you go around and ask people to share their dating stories and experiences, you will get so much to hear. Some of those people can be quite lucky to have enjoyed a happy date, while others may not prefer to recall their dating experiences. For that reason, their date could have been a creepy one!


Well, in that case, rather than getting intimidated by the stories of creepy date, you can ensure your safety when you feel stuck with a creepy date. Therefore, we have listed down some points that can come handy for you:

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1. Know About The Person Before Going On A Date

No matter how cliché it may sound, prevention is better than cure. Similarly, rather than spending time with a creepy date, it is better to know the person well, before you decide to meet with them in person. However, it is not possible to know someone completely over calls or messages. Still, you can check if the person that you have been seeing has a mysterious and intimidating side.


For this, you can try to discuss the person with his/her friends and with some mutual friends, if any. You can also go through the social media account of the person to know what kind of person he or she is. If you find his or her social media profile to be fishy, then it is better to avoid trusting him or her blindly.

2. Make An Excuse Of Some Emergency

If you find your date to be quite mysterious and creepy then escaping maybe a bit tough in this case. In that case, you can pretend to have got some emergency. You can say, 'I am sorry, but I need to rush as my roommate is ill' or 'My mom called me and asked to come home as soon as possible.' This will help you in escaping the creepy date without letting him or her know about your intent.

3. Going To Restroom Can Be Your Safe Haven

If your date is no mood to let you go so soon and is trying to do every possible thing to stop you, then you can make an excuse to use the restroom for make-up or touch-ups. You can say, 'I need to freshen up a bit. I'll be right back in a few minutes'.

Trust me, your date is not going to follow you to the restroom and thus, this way you can easily find a way to walk out and relieve yourself from a creepy date.

4. Text Or Call Your Best Friend

It goes beyond the saying that true friends will always give their best to pull you out from a difficult situation. After you have understood that your date has blocked every option for you to save yourself, then your best friend can help you with this. All you need to do is call or text your best friend and tell him/her about the scenario and ask for help. He or she will surely come to your rescue or they will at least make sure that you are able to walk out of that date before things go wrong.

5. Mention That You Need To Reach Home On Time

Even if you do not have to reach home on time, you can make an excuse to save yourself from facing the worst situation of a creepy date. Once you make this excuse, your creepy date won't be able to stop you. For this, you can say, 'I need to reach home by 10:30 PM'. Also, you can mention how strict and particular your parents are when it comes to staying out after the evening.

6. Avoid Staying At His/Her Place

In movies, often it is shown that people invite their date to come to their place and have a cup of coffee. Well, you may be lucky if the person turns out to be a good one. But, it can be the worst decision of your life as well if your partner has some evil intentions. In that case, avoid accepting his or her invitation to stay at his or her place. You can politely refuse by saying that your roommate is waiting for you or that you are too tired and you need rest.

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Though no one can know what is going on in somebody's mind, you need to use your brain before you trust someone completely and blindly. This will in return save you from landing into a difficult situation.

Story first published: Tuesday, November 5, 2019, 11:01 [IST]
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