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25 Best Things About Having A Boyfriend Which Will Make You Wave Goodbye To Your Single Life.

By Vamini.bhatia

We can all agree that having a boyfriend comes with a bag full of perks. Here are just a few of them so you don't forget to tell your significant other you love them.


1. You can be the 'real you'

You don't have to worry about how you look. You can leave your fancy clothes and well-poised self aside and be the crazy 'you' around them.


2. Twinning!

You know how much you hate going to a party and banging into a girl who is wearing the same outfit as you, but now you have someone you can twin with, and how!

3. Valentine's day is no more a self-love day!

You don't have to rely on ice cream tubs and movie nights alone anymore. You can depend on your loved one to shower you with some love and pampering.

4. Plus one

They are your plus one everywhere you go. The first half of a party isn't awkward anymore. Even when you don't know anyone at the venue, you have someone to have fun with!


5. An extra closet full of clothes

Shirts becomes dresses and hoodies are stolen. A closet full of comfy options.


6. You can share memes

They always tag you in memes and so do you! Your meme best friend, someone you can ROFL with.


7. Shh! Secrets

You have someone you can share your secrets with, without having to fear that they're going to tell someone. This is seriously such a plus!

8. Cuddles, cuddles, cuddles

You have a perfectly big life-sized teddy bear you can cuddle with. Winters are so much warmer smh.


9. You have someone you can rant to

They always give you all their ears for your endless and sometimes, pointless rants.


10. Support system

They always push you to become better and you always have someone who constantly reminds you that 'you can do it' even on your lowest lows.

11. Scary movies

Watching horror movies is so much more fun with them. Either they snuggle you when you're scared or it's super cute to watch them get scared!


12. Boring family dinners

You finally have someone to sit through those long boring family dinners with.

13. Complete the lyrics

You always have someone to complete the lyrics of your favourite songs.


14. Someone to share (steal) food

You always have someone you can eat with. You don't have to go home after a long day to an empty house and cook for one.

15. 'All the single ladies'

They don't let you feel left out just because you aren't single anymore, but become your dance partner whenever there's 'single ladies' playing at the bar.


16. Someone who takes care when you're sick

You have a self-appointed home nurse who takes care of you when you're sick. This includes a warm soup, snuggle and a head massage.


17. Games

You always have someone to play games with. While it's great when you win, but you're even allowed to throw tantrums if you lose.


18. Someone who will laugh at your jokes

You'll always have someone who will laugh at your jokes no matter how silly they are.

19. You never have to do anything alone

There's always a helping hand. Be it cooking, cleaning or washing dishes.


20. Personal photographer

You have a personal photographer who's always by your side. They're always there to capture the perfect moment(s)


21. Dates are even more fun

You don't have to worry about saying the right thing, rather when you say something embarrassing, it turns into a fun date making fun of each other.


22. Got your back!

You have someone who always catches you when you fall, someone who always has your back.


23. Jar of memories

You'll have someone to talk about "remember when you.."


24. He reminds you that you're beautiful

He compliments you, even when you haven't moved your butt from the couch and still have last night's make-up slapped on your face (he's the man).


25. The height advantage

They're tall, duh! They come in handy when you have to remove something from the top shelf and well, when you can't reach, your tall man comes to the rescue.

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