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When You Want To Please Your Man: Valentine’s Day 2018

By Shatavisha Chakraborty

Gone is the era when women were only pampered. With women empowerment on the rise, these days it is expected that women would treat their boyfriends the same way as they would like to be treated. This makes all the way more sense since these days women are earning as much as that of their male counterparts. That is why Valentine's Day would be deemed incomplete without the customary mutual exchange of gifts.

Now, here lies the problem. While it is very easy to come up with gifting options for women that are not too high on the wallet, doing the same for men is not all that easy. After all, no man will be really happy on getting a bar of Dairy Milk Silk. So, if you are looking for Valentine's Day gifting options for your loved one and have yet not decided on what to go for, this is an article that you must explore.

Here we have listed some unique gifting ideas that are bound to win your man's heart. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make your pick about which item from the list appeals to your loved one the most.


Personal Air Cooler

This is a little glowing box that can create a climate controlled area in any place your boyfriend or husband likes. Considering men's affinity to gadgets, by gifting him this out of the box box-like thing, you will make your way straight to his heart.


Fitbit Tracker

If your man is into fitness and all of these, there is no gift that is better than that of a Fitbit tracker. The gift is also ideal for those looking forward to shedding the extra pounds. Consider gifting him this, if he doesn't have a fitness tracker or if the one that he is currently using is outdated.



Considering that a major chunk of what is inside either of yours wallet goes into maintaining the beautiful relationship of yours, gifting him a wallet is a thoughtful idea on your part. Whether he would like some classy leather or he would rather go for a funkier look is something that is left for you to choose. But whatever you actually choose, he is bound to be amazed at all that thoughtfulness that went into choosing of this gift.


Cup Coffee Maker

This is an ideal gifting option for your boyfriend. Easy to use and easier to handle, this will allow him to have his coffee just the way he likes it even when you are not around to prepare it for him. Considering that he can directly drink his coffee from the mug in which he prepared it, there will be lesser amount of washing involved which will make things easier for him. This is indeed something that he will just love possessing.


Star Wars Coffee Mug

If you feel that gifting him a cup coffee maker is way out of your budget, you can consider going for a Star Wars-themed coffee mug. Trust me, when I say that if there is something after you that he absolutely adores, it is the Star War movies. By gifting him something to do with the second love of his life you are ensuring that the first love of his life is secure.



While you may be overtly attracted by the smell of his body, gifting him cologne on Valentine's Day may actually be a good idea. Gentlemen of discerning taste know the beauty of a dead sexy scent. If he has fallen for you, he definitely has a very good taste. So what is stopping you from gifting him all that he desires?


Hair And Body Wash

It is a general misconception that face wash, hair and body wash are the exclusive privilege of the ladies. It's time you moved away from such archaic and misogynic views and bring your man to the lap of luxury. Trust me, this is one act you will never repent.


Beard Conditioner

Irrespective of whether your boyfriend has had a beard for ages or if he is growing it for the first time, this gift will be cherished by him for a long time. This will not just make him feel good about himself but will also give him the confidence to love you all the more. Surely, this is one gift that you would not like to miss out on.


Love Bands

As cliché as it sounds, love bands are used to denote possession. Thus by gifting your man a love band you are reaffirming that he is yours and yours alone. Men love this. Thus if you are someone who has been married for long, this is a particularly good gifting idea for you. It will help to keep the fire of your relationship alive for hours together.


Couple Tees

Another cheesy option that your man is bound to love is getting couple tees together. After all, considering how well you complement each other, there is no reason why your clothing should not. As he is proud to call you his own, he will be equally proud to have you wear the same tee as him.


Personalized Gifts

Unlike us women, who like to keep up with the latest in the world of fashion, men like to keep it unique and elegant. Thus if you can gift him a beer mug with his name on it or a coffee mug with some romantic picture of yours, chances are that he will fall head over heels for you all over again.


Erotic Novels

He might feel shy to purchase the same from the market, but chances are that he would have craved for the same at some point or the other in his life. By gifting him this, you are not only ensuring that he gets what he wants, but you are also fostering the way for him to be more romantically active. That is something you just would not regret.

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Story first published: Monday, February 12, 2018, 18:39 [IST]
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