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Traits Of Healthy Intimate Relationships Of 2018

Intimate relationships have often been the topic of discussion between couples. Having a healthy relationship with a high level of intimacy is the success that a couple seeks. Intimacy is the key to every happy relationship. The ways of intimacy differ from couple to couple and people to people.

You cannot think about intimacy and say your relationship is doing good. You need to have a clearer picture of how to build a healthy and intimate relationship with your partner.

What Is Intimacy?

Do you find yourself asking "What does being intimate mean?" Intimacy is an act of love that is far beyond the physical structure. It is the mental and emotional sense of the state in a relationship. It is the deep connection you and your partner have. The connection with someone to have a firm understanding of them is intimacy.

We often look into the outer section of intimacy and think it is all about being close with the partner. But to be certain, intimacy is the way of communicating with your partner in a much deeper sense. Intimacy can be a verbal communication and can also be physical.

It can range from speaking of a word to the connection of flesh and bone in the body. The love between a couple and the ways of connecting with each other is all about the level of intimacy you have.

Intimacy always involves a certain level of comfort between you and your partner. Intimacy seeks to meet the needs of both partners on a basic fundamental level. It asks partners to be open and honest with each other and relies on a couple's utmost respect for one another. Intimacy is a conscious commitment between two people.

It is a daily form of the act that has both the partners involved in making the relationship work. Intimacy is the foundation of the relationship only when you reserve it for your partner. In a relationship, you and your partner need to work hard to keep the intimacy intact.

How To Know You Have An Intimate Relationship?

There are certain things that are not considered as intimacy in the relationship. We confuse intimacy with the material parts of all relationships.

To know if you have an intimate relationship or not, you need to look into these reasons:

1. Intimacy Is Not Gifted:

One cannot gift intimacy to his/her partner. To meet the partners' needs is a crucial aspect of a healthy relationship. But to gift unwanted things, to showcase love is not intimacy. Intimacy cannot be a gift. Gifts are not the base of intimacy.

2. Intimacy Is Crucial

Intimacy is a need in the relationship. You cannot bring in intimacy without allowing it to flow smoothly in the relationship. Intimacy has always been a crucial part of every relationship. It is the foundation of being close to your partner.

3. Intimacy Is Not About Sex

Physical aspects of couples enhance intimacy. Intimacy itself does not survive in a relationship which lacks a deeper connection. Sex might increase the intimacy level. But it won't be the sole reason for intimacy. Remember, sex will fulfil the physical need. But intimacy fulfils physical, emotional, and mental needs at the same time.

4. Intimacy Requires Dedication

Intimacy forms with a high level of dedication for the relationship. Without intimacy, the relationship doesn't sustain the love. A couple should dedicate their mind and heart to the other, to form the level of intimacy. One cannot be intimate with another until the other has the same level of dedication.

Traits Of An Intimate Relationship:

1. Intimacy Is Priority

Learning more about your partner requires communication, patience and time. Creating uninterrupted time to practice intimacy, whether it is physical, emotional, or mental. Prioritising intimacy is the way to lead an intimate relationship with your partner. No restrictions in being intimate should be there. Keeping it as a priority helps in building the nature of a healthy relationship.

2. Learn And Explore Your Partner

Get into the depth of knowing your partner. This would help you have a clear understanding of who your partner is and what they crave from you. This helps in the long run of being intimate and eases the gaps in the relationship. You need to understand that exploring your partner helps in exploring their nature. It also helps in learning the intimacy level they have and showcase.

3. Physical Intimacy

Being physical with your partner is the way to have a healthy intimate relationship. Intimacy is not the same thing as sex. Couples who are intimate have an easier time connecting on deeper levels. Simple acts of intimacy such as holding hands and cuddling can build a relationship of trust. This is the key to being intimate and having an intimate relationship.

These are the ways in which you and your partner can get into an intimate relationship. Intimacy has no boundaries and it depends on you and your partner to define the level of intimacy. Intimacy is the nature of every human and having it in a relationship builds a stronger bond. Relationships of intimate nature are always better than the ones without it.

Think about the relationship you are in and how you can make it more intimate. Use the above ideas and let yourself have a healthy intimate relationship. The nature of the relationship you have speaks a lot of the way you handle intimacy. Let the bird of intimacy soar high in the wind of love. The only way you and your partner will have the healthiest trait of intimacy is by divulging into the depth of it.

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