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Old Romantic Songs To Dedicate To Your Girlfriend

By Soham Senapati

I am a sucker for romantic songs. I like understanding the deeper meaning hidden beneath those words that proclaim love at each length of the vocals.

In a fast-moving world with the music taste of people changing every moment, finding a perfect song to dedicate to your girlfriend is difficult. It is easy if you want her to listen to the newest billboard top charts. But that won't make sense, as she might have heard of it.

Bring back the ages-old love songs and let her hear the words again after so many years. This would give her the charm that you wanted to see.

Here's listing 10 such old romantic songs that you could dedicate to your girlfriend to win her heart all over again, take a look.

10. Endless Love:-

It is sung by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross. This song is a perfect blend of how life after relationship begins and how it feels when it is endless. There is a promise in this song that the couple wants to share their every penny of love with each other.

9. How Deep Is Your Love:-

This song is sung by the pop group Bee Gees. This has a very delightful expression where one asks to show his/her partner how deep is the love that they share. This is a perfect dedication song to urge your girl, to reply back with another song.

8. I Will Always Love You:-

Sung by the famous Whitney Houston, this song is the one for those who want their girl to know that they will forever be there with them and it would be an unending love, even though they don't live together and are far. This is a perfect mixture of lyrics and music. It gives a soothing aura while your girl listens to it. If you are in a long-distance relationship, this is your song.

7. Bleeding Love:-

Leona Lewis sung this beautiful track and it is for the ones who's love is deep and those who immensely ignore all the things that the society throws at their ears. They don't care and only continue to love. If you and your girl are of the same nature, send her this song as a dedication.

6. Because You Loved Me:-

One of Celine Dion's famous work other than My Heart Will Go On' is this song. This song is just apporpiate to send your girl right away making her feel loved. The lyrics is as smooth as the music and thanks to the amazing singer for lending her voice into those words.

5. Here Without You:-

This song is by 3 Doors Down. If you are searching for a song that conveys "long distance love", give this a try. It will amaze you with the lyrics and vocals. Dedicate this to your girl if you are missing her and you are far away from her.

4. My Love:-

Westlife band's one of the most famous love songs with charming guitar strums. This stands as one of my favourite and would always be a choice of song that I would put in a mixtape and give my girl. Dedicate this beautiful track to let her feel your love through the lyrics.

3. Incomplete:-

If you have had a fight and you want to make her mood a little better, this is it, 'Incomplete' by the Backstreet Boys. The lyrics go as deep as being lonely without love. Having such melody and words, this is the song I would send my girl after having a fight. You can try it too.

2. My Girl:-

This song was by The Tempatations. A cheesy romantic song that would be appropiate for any mood that your girl is in. The lyrics compares the months, the birds, the trees to my girl. If you are into cheesy and yet classy songs, then don't think twice to send this song as a dedication. Fire away this song to your girl and let her sway in your charms.

1. Can't Help Falling In Love:-

Profess your love to your girl with this Elvis Presley's most famous song. This song beats all others to top the list. The soothing lyrics and the man's voice is sure to give chills to your girl.

What are some of your favourite that you'd want to add to the list? We would be happy to hear them! I'm sure other people would be too.

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Story first published: Monday, March 19, 2018, 19:00 [IST]
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