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Pick Me Up By The Waist And Drop My Energy Down

Well, something of a twist? Pick me up by the waist and drop my energy down is about the various places you can fantasize to have the ultimate pleasure of making love. Thinking of new places to enjoy the merry-go-round journey of utilizing the body's core strength in bringing your energy down. The love in a couple makes them do a lot of weird things. But the adrenaline and power of fiction and imagination bring them to think about all the possible ways in which they can make love to each other. Love is the most essential as well as the most needed fact for such kind of joyous ride.

Sometimes all we want is to try new things in the bedroom with our partner. But to be honest, it becomes a little boring to have the intimate physical sensation all the time in the bed. Having more ideas and more places to make love is the best way to keep the fire burning bright within you and your partner. A lot many people like engaging in physical intimacy in strange and unusual places. It brings the adrenaline rush into the picture and makes the couple think it is a bit risky but the fun is worth the risk. Often when you first get together with your partner, you can't keep your hands off one another, and end up doing the deed in places neither you nor your partner imagined.

If you are seeking to fulfil your desires of making love in new places, this list of variety will help you go a long way with your partner.

"He took ages to build a love

that stood firm in all seasons,

to hold the desire of making

intense satisfying passion."

- A Mixed Nerve

Let's see the various other places of making love other than the bed.

1. A Kitchen Counter

Getting down to making love on the kitchen counter can be a serious act of passion. Just make sure you haven't left anything on it before you begin to go on a ride. The intensity of making love is so elaborate in this place that it makes the couple go beyond the regular conversation of physical intimacy.

2. In A Swimming Pool

Another terrific place to enjoy the warmth of each other while flesh and bones conjugating to make the best out of the emotions of love. The cold water submerges the warmth radiated by the body and at the same time makes the joyous celebration of being in love more romantic in nature.

3. On The Hood Of A Car

If you and your partner are much in favour of adventures, then physical intimacy gets the best traffic when you make love to your partner over the hood of a car. To intensify it, you can rathe drive off to a hilly cliff and park your vehicle. Either you can do it there on the hood of a car or even inside or if you have an SUV, then you can do it in the boot space as well. The romance will brew up the intensity of making love.

4. Underneath A Waterfall

The thing about the waterfall is the magnificent size of it. The water falling from a cliff, with a very high force, usually brings sensation to a couple's mind. The aura of getting physical under a waterfall is heavenly.

5. In A Nightclub Washroom

We all have done it. If you haven't then you should do it as well. Walking into the washroom with your partner is another level of adrenaline.

6. An Aeroplane

You can do it anywhere if you can do it on the aeroplane. The charm of staying above thousands of feet above the earth and yet making love is an exquisite feeling.

7. On A Boat

Waves lapping at the sides of the boat, the constant up and down, the heavenly sky above make it up for one of the best-making love places. Being physical on a boat is like a medal of honour for you and your partner.

These 7 are vivid ideas of making love other than in the bed. Try these all, starting today!


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Story first published: Tuesday, July 17, 2018, 12:45 [IST]
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