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How To Get Intimate With Your Partner On A Weekday

By Tanya Ruia

"You don't give me enough time!" "You don't care about me anymore!" "There isn't any spark left between us!" All these complaints are the general complaints that we make to our partners whenever we feel we are not getting enough time and attention from our partners.

But these complaints generally come when you don't get to see each other much on weekdays due to workload, work schedules, opposite shifts, meetings, etc.

Complaining is okay but not taking any measures to reduce the complaints is not okay.

You need to find out ways and measures by which you can reduce the probability of such complaints and scenarios where your partner feels that you are not giving enough time and attention due to work.

But it is always said, "Intimacy doesn't only always mean physical intimacy, it also can be emotional intimacy".

Let's see how you can get intimate with your partner even on weekdays after a day full of work:

Share About Your Work

As soon as you get home, ask each other, "How was your day at work?" and "How did you feel?". It will show the love and care between each other. This will help you both understand each other's work.

If you both will talk and tell about each other's day at work, the difficulties that you are facing at the workplace, the amount of workload that you both have, it will be easy for each other to cope up with the complaints.

This reduces the chance of the partner's complain of not giving enough time due to work. Your partner will definitely understand what you are going through and this will also build a great intimacy as well.

A Good Night Massage

Before going to bed, give a rejuvenating massage to your partner. Head, neck, shoulder, foot, and back. These are the most stressed parts of a human being after a day full of work. Rub their eyes slightly and remember, a great shoulder and head massage will bring a great intimacy. This will show your caring nature towards your partner even after a hectic day at work. This will also help you both to have a sound sleep and wake up with a fresh mind.

Cuddling And Coffee Dates

A cup of hot coffee and a warm cuddle with your partner just before going to the bed will work wonders. It will make your night for sure. It is not necessary that only one partner will make coffee on a regular basis. You can always take turns and make it for each other. While sipping that hot coffee and cuddling, discuss how you feel and how your day has been, etc.

A Little Bit Of Hanky-Panky

Sex releases a lot of stress. It is not necessary to always keep on having sex to reduce the stress and frustration after a day full of work. But, you can always make out and make each other feel stress free.

After a hectic day and a lot of workloads, actions will make it all okay. A little bit of hanky-panky doesn't hurt. But, also take care of the mood of your partner. Do not force them much if they are too tired. Just cuddle them and give a good kiss. This also counts a lot.

Play Games

Playing games is a very interesting and tried and tested method of bringing intimacy. Interactive games like double player quizzes, sudoku, carrom, ludo, etc. will build a lot of intimacy and will remove all of your work stress.

This will help you understand your partner well that how he/she reciprocates to the loss in a game even after a stressed out day at work. To make them happy, you can always shower them with good kisses and make them feel better even on a really bad day.

Spice It Up In The Shower

An intimate moment in the hot shower will give immense relaxation after a hectic day at work. You are all tired to talk; you just take a hot shower with your partner and share an intimate moment. It will make both of you forget how hectic and loaded the day was, how bad of a meeting it was, how bad the presentation went or why your boss yelled at you. It will all vanish in that one moment of the hot shower.

Make Plans For Weekend And Week Offs

If you have not been able to give enough time in the weekdays, then make plans for the weekend and week offs so that you can spend an ample amount of time with your partner. It will cheer up both of your moods and will bring a great intimacy. It will make both the partners feel that they care about each other and have thought of spending quality time with each other.

Love doesn't require much of an effort. You just have to care and think about certain things.

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