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Certain Things You Should Never Text Your Ex

What you have left your past behind, let it be there. Do not think to dive back into those and trouble yourself. If you are trying to reach your ex, then you should know there are certain things you should never ever text your ex. These things are minute but can create havoc in your mental health. You do not seek it. You can debate the fact of reaching out to your ex is a good idea or not but the end result will be one. It is okay to reach out but certain things you should refrain from letting them know. In some cases, it all works out for your good. And in some cases, it makes one’s situation worse. And in some other cases, it really doesn’t have an effect at all on the nature of your relationship with your ex.

Hunting Memories Of Love

Breakups have a very definite impact on a person’s emotional and mental state. Sometimes, breakups can be very traumatic. If you have the intention of maintaining healthy ties with your ex, you need to be very careful with the way you approach him/her. You shouldn’t let your feelings drive the decisions because you might end up regretting the result at the end.

So now, everything depends on who you are really and what kind of ending you had with your ex. It also depends on the way you and your ex had the relationship. Still, if you really think of reaching out, there are certain guidelines for you while you text him/her.

What Are These Guidelines That You Need To Follow?

1. Do Not Mention How Heartbroken You Are

Never tell your ex how bad your mental health is or how badly the breakup has hit you. If you are heartbroken, keep it hidden in the text. Never prompt it out to your ex. If you tell your ex about how badly you are broken, you are going to be asking for a chopping of your heart again. Never let your ex know how you feel for it makes you more vulnerable to pain. You do not want that in your current situation.

2. Never Mention You Are Missing Them

It is not okay to revert back to your ex about the way you crave for them. It gives your ex the power to control you. You can’t tell your ex, how much you miss them because you would give up your power by doing so. You would make it obvious for your ex to know you are not really coping up well. You would look like a clingy person then.

3. Do Not Text About What You Are Doing In Life

Never let your ex know about the reality of you. Keep it subtle and accurate but do not give in to the reality of how sad you are. If your ex isn’t asking you about how your life is going, don’t let them know about it as well.

4. Don’t Try To Make Them Jealous

It never works out. You cannot just text them to make them jealous. This never really works out. All it does is shows how pathetic you are currently. Do not let your ex understand your motive.

5. Do Not Compromise On Your Image

It really matters on keeping your image right in front of your ex. Avoid anything that you think would compromise your overall integrity. You might want to make sure that you still stay the way you are.

These are the little things but these matter a lot when you are texting your ex. You might not be able to decipher the texts they send and you give in to their questions with exactly what they want. Thus, it would make you a loser at the end with worst mental well-being. Be careful on the path you plan on going and be subtle in your style of texting. The key to having a better conversation is to maintain the classy and poised look in your face and mind while you reply and text to your ex.

It is all about the mental well-being and you need to remember that you are in need of it.

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