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Burning Desire Of Men: Revealing Dark Secrets Of Sex

By A Mixed Nerve

Craving for sex is natural in men and women but when it comes to having dark secrets, men top the list.

It is often found that men hide a lot about their sex life compared to women. Women openly talk it out with their friends but men don't. Men love listening to others speaking about their sex life and sex-related conversations but they never share their dark secrets.

Men being less secretive about everything else, prefer to be very secretive about sex. The dark secrets of sex that brew in their minds are hardly revealed.

This article is based on those dark secrets that they keep to themselves and the ones they are more protective about. Understanding these will give you insights into what it is that a man hides deep inside himself about his sex.

A lot of men are guilty of not sharing their secrets with their loved ones, whether it might be something they have done or want to or even desire to do in life. It is also felt that they hide and are secretive about.

Let's see the dark secrets that men hide and hate to reveal.

1. Past Memories

Men often silence their past memories of sex and they try to keep it hidden. They mostly become mum about these memories.

Men keep their past memories of sex hidden for two reasons. One of it is being judged and the other is about less confidence; if their past action could become a topic of laughter.

They knowingly keep these secrets to themselves and do not reveal it ever.

2. They Like Indulging With Various Women

Most men have an affinity towards polygamy and they hide it by showing loyalty. Deep down their mind, they crave to feel another woman in bed.

This is one of the biggest and common dark secrets every man has. Men like to experience as much as they can and in doing so they like to be with many women, knowing how it feels. For some men, it is just a desire and for some men, it is a secret they like to have.

The urge of having another woman never sleeps and it is one of the reasons they look around and rate women for themselves.

3. Men Care About Size

Men showcase they don't care about the size of women but when it comes to bed they do care. They won't tell it to their partners but they certainly feel it. It is one of the most shallow and mean things to do. But most men do it.

4. Men Fantasize Wild Fantasies

Men have very wild fantasies that they constantly fantasize about. Some try indulging in them and others just fantasize about those.

Men often make it a pact to hide the sexual fantasies unless they are sure of their woman not judging them in any manner.

These fantasies are very weird and at times very sadistic in nature.

5. Men Hide Behind Marriages Just To Have Sex

Men, in order to have sex on a regular basis at times, prefer getting into the bond of marriage. Not every man does it but the ones desperate at times take the decision of marriage in order to get laid. They hide it as a secret agenda and never tell it as the reason for marriage.

6. Men Hide The Number Of Times They Had Sex

No one knows till date for sure, how many times any man has had sex, except himself. He never tells the fact of the times he got laid.

Men hide it mostly from their spouse and from their friends in order to be sure that they don't end up being judged as a Casanova or anything like that.

7. Men Hide The Fact About Watching Porn!

A lot of men hide the fact about watching porn. They watch it every day but never express the same fact. They prefer to keep it hidden as they think women judge them based on that. Men like watching porn and never are open about it with anyone. They tend to hide this as a secret from everyone.

These are the dark secrets that men often hide from their partner and from everyone else. They tend to keep it subtle and dark.

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