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All You Need To Know About Rose Day 2018

By Shatavisha Chakravorty
Rose Day - The Complete Valentine Day Rose Colour Guide | BoldSky

Since time immemorial, if there are two things that have signified love, it is the colour red and the flower rose. Hence, it is obvious that the week of love, or Valentine's week as it is called, has to begin with the exchange of roses.

Every year, the Valentine's week starts from the 7th of February. From this day on, every day is dedicated to a particular aspect of romance and the week culminates in February 14th that is the Valentine's Day or the day of love.

Now, this week of love begins with the Rose Day, wherein couples exchange roses. This simple act of love tells a lot of unsaid things and seals the relationship with the hallmark of trust. In the Indian scene, there are people who feel that all of this is just too cliché or that these are mere acts for public display of affection.

But that is far from being true. Read on to know the significance of Rose Day and why it is important for all of us to take a moment out of our busy lives and celebrate this day with the person who has showered our lives with all that love and affection. In fact, this article explores all that you need to know about the Rose day.


Love Among Friends

Contrary to popular belief, Rose Day is not restricted to that of lovers alone. There are different types of roses that signify different things. Roses may well be exchanged between friends. After all friendship is the purest form of love. Yellow rose is a symbol of exuberance and may be exchanged among friends on this day. Pink rose symbolizes gratitude and may be given to someone who you love.


Love To The Dead

As sad as it may sound, the fact is that often we realize the value of a person when he or she is no more. In such a situation by placing a white rose near his grave or in front of his photo on this auspicious day, you will feel more at peace with yourself. The white roses symbolize chastity and purity. Avoid giving a white rose to someone who is alive (at least on this romantic day).


To The Different Kinds Of Love

The lavender rose signifies ‘love at first sight'. So, if you have a crush on someone and you have not expressed the same, you can go ahead by giving him or her a lavender rose on this day. In case you are in love with someone and want to take the relationship to the next level, you can go for an orange rose. Orange rose signifies passion and desire. However if you just want to tell someone how beautiful they are, go for the peach rose. This colour symbolizes modesty and is a representation of love and appreciation. In case you are still confused about which colour to choose, you can always go for the conventional red rose.


When Food Is Love

For people whose first love is food, there are ample ways of celebrating the rose day. Gulab phirni is one delicacy that must be savored on this day. Use of cardamom powder, high-grade saffron strands along with rose powder and rose water makes this dish a special favourite for Rose Day. Other than that, one can go for rose petal sorbet that is prepared from rose petals, egg whites and lemon juice.


Food For The Lazy Ones

Being a romantic and lazy foodie is not a very good combination in real life. It is all the way truer if you are looking forward to celebrating the Rose Day in style. However, rest assured pears in saffron and rose syrup is the perfect rose-flavoured dish for you. It not just looks highly sophisticated on the plate, but is very easy to make and delicious to taste.


Celebrating It The Conventional Way

For people who like to stick to old school ways, one of the best means of celebrating the Rose Day is to deck up the master bed with rose petals. You can also go out of the way and arrange for rose-scented candles. With proper lighting, the ambience can be created such that things are just right and it is a perfect start to the most romantic week of the year.


Going The Extra Mile

For people who are ready to put in a little extra effort to make this day stand out, one of the best possible options is to have a balloon filled with rose petals and when the setting is romantic enough, getting your partner to burst the same. Other than this, couples can go for ordering rose-themed food or go out for candle-light dinners on the same theme. Restaurants in almost all major towns and cities are offering this type of themed food on this day.


Appropriate Hairdos

For women who want to take their valentine by surprise, there are a number of rose-themed hairstyling options that are on offer. This will take out the monotony of a regular date and give both of you something to look forward to. Other than that, going for this option is highly encouraged because of the simple fact that by doing this, you will be able to exert your independence as a couple and stand out from the usual lot of crowd who are just exchanging red roses.

Story first published: Wednesday, February 7, 2018, 14:42 [IST]
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