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Why Date A Woman Who Thinks Like A Man?

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If you want your life to be simple and stress free, you must always date an independent woman. And if possible, choose someone who's a tomboy.

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Yes, there are many benefits if you choose someone who is a tomboy. Generally, women fail to understand the needs of a man properly but tomboys are those who have spent most of their time talking to male friends in their circle. That's what makes them know more about a man's mind.

Here are more reasons to date them...


She Is More Confident

She is confident, straight forward and to the point. That makes her approachable.


She Never Complicates Things

If she likes you, she tells it openly. If she hates you, she'll immediately tell 'No' without wasting your time. Also, there will not be any unnecessary drama in your love story.

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She Is Naturally Beautiful

Though she thinks like a man, she looks like a woman and is hot enough to make you go mad. She is naturally beautiful.


It Is Easy To Understand Her

She is not someone who is a typical mysterious girl who reveals only a few details about her personality to keep you guessing. So, basically it is easy to understand her and get along with her.


She Can Get Ready Fast

She never keeps you waiting. She can dress up fast unlike the typical girls who take a lot of time in the dressing room with make up kits.

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She Understands You Well

They have more male friends than female friends. So, tomboys can understand men well.


She Can Give You Company Anytime

She never says no. Other girls give so many excuses but a tomboy is always ready to meet you.

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When She Needs It, She Says It

This is the best part. She doesn't feel shy in the bedroom. She would tell you what she wants and when she wants. That makes things better for you. In fact making her your life partner would make your life better.

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