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These Pics Of A Trans Woman & Her Husband Will Melt Your Heart

Love knows no boundaries, and this story proves it right. India witnessed its first transgender's wedding and it is nothing less than a beautiful wedding of a sort - a dream come true.

Check out the images of India's first transgender wedding which happened in Mumbai.

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The photoshoot done captures their perfect moments that is generally quite confusing for the world.

Check these images, as it will make you realise that love is everywhere and we need the perfect way to see it...


It Is The First Transgender Wedding

This is the first transgender wedding where Madhuri Sarode and Jay Sharma admitted to everyone that one of them is a transgender. They are apparently the first couple to admit this openly.


Anu Pattnaik Wanted To Do A Photoshoot

Anu Pattnaik heard about this inspiring love story and wanted to do a photoshoot with the couple.


She Decided To Stay With The Couple

The photographer wanted to click the natural moments of the couple and hence decided to stay with the couple for some days, as she wanted to capture their love in her camera.


The Photographer Said…

The photographer said, "I wanted to capture them in their most intimate moments to show the world that love knows no gender, no boundaries and that it is a normal thing to go ahead and marry the person you fall in love with".


She Added…

"There is a lot to learn from this exceptional couple," she added.


Jay’s Love For His Wife Is Unconditional…

Jay has the audacity to take pride in Madhuri and this is what makes their relationship special.


Madhuri’s Courage To Fight…

Madhuri's courage to fight for her community by applying for the marriage certificate as a transgender shows how her husband's love made her become more bold and strong.


Their Love Is Unique

The photographer wanted the world to know their unique love story and hence captured it in these timeless pictures.

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Story first published: Monday, February 27, 2017, 10:52 [IST]
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