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Naughty Text Messages To Send To Your Boyfriend


One naughty text to boyfriend can also turn him on. If your boyfriend is far away but you feel like doing naughty stuff, what would you do? Well, you can take your mobile into your hands and simply text him.

You can make him go mad even when you are miles apart. Guys get a kick when they receive flirty texts, that too, from a girlfriend.

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Of course, it isn't easy. You got to use the right words to create that effect. If you have ideas, implement them, if you are wondering where to start, then here are some ideas for naughty text messages.


Idea 1: Push His Imagination

"What do I wear tonight? My short skirt......or your towel?"

Words like "short skirt" and "towel" make a man imagine your legs. So, your naughty text messages will make him close his eyes once and visualise your beauty.


Idea 2: Increase Anticipation

"Take enough rest. You will need lot of energy tonight!"

This is a suggestive way of saying that you want him to go wild that night.

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Idea 3: Indirect Compliment

"I miss something that was between my legs last night. When can I get it back?"

He will surely feel good when he reads this.


Idea 4: Dirty Thoughts

"Just removed my sweaty clothes. Want to sniff them?"

This is one of the best naughty text messages. A man who loves to sniff under garments will surely go crazy after reading this.


Idea 5: Guessing Game

"Guess the colour of what I'm wearing inside my suit...."

He will remember all your undergarments before answering the question!

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Idea 6: Asking Directly!

"When do we throw off our clothes on the floor?"

He will get excited to meet you soon after reading the above line.


Idea 7: Make Him Hard

"My tongue needs some stretching exercise!"

This is a text that will blow any man off!


Idea 8: Blame Game

"Hey, stop thinking about my naked body and work."

After reading this text, he will start thinking about you for the rest of the day.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 1, 2017, 17:08 [IST]
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