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Most Frequently Asked Questions On Intercourse

By Shibu Purushothaman

There are various reasons to get into sexan intercourse and one common reason to get involved in this physical activity is to impress your partner and also satisfy yourself.

For a couple who has been together for a long time, undressing under the cover of darkness has become so natural. It is all about pleasing your partner and making her fall for you on the bed.

According to various reports, it is said that a good man is the one who can make his partner come to the bed to reach an orgasm. Hey, not every woman loves to have an orgasm, and they can simply enjoy the foreplay game as well.

Well, today, we would like to mention some of the most frequently asked sex questions on the internet. Take a look.


1. A Man's Guide tTo Make His Dick Bigger

It literally does not mean that a person reading out this point is actually struggling with this sex problem. Well, one among the common questions every man has is, 'how to make histhe dickmale part bigger'. Apart from a few basic home remedies, there are certain poses which can make your dickmale part appear bigger to her. When you come from the back or if you have her face lie down on the bed, trust me she will love your dick more than once for today! Apart from just working hard on making your dick feel bigger to her, you should keep it well groomed and keep hitting the gym.


2. Does tThe sSize oOf yYour pPenis rReally Matter?

Well, another important question which every man worries about is, 'does his penis size really matter?' I'm sure every man would have thought about this for once in life. According to the recent studies, it is said that one-third of the womaen who hashave frequent orgasms say that penis size plays an important role to them. Well, one thing you should always keep in mind is penetration is not the only source of joy to a woman. A woman is generally looking for a lover who loves to explore her body.

Why People Are Obsessed With Sex??


3. Why wWomaen rRefuse tTo sSwallow dDuring oOral Sex

Most of the men end up taking it personally when a woman refuses to swallow during oral sex. This is not a personal problem, but it has to be a common problem among the all-age men group. Every man knows that not every woman has that tongue and stomach to take your semen inside. They are more than happy to toss it back and you should not feel bad about it. So if your girl loves to throw out after the oral sex, let it be this way.


4. How lLong cCan I lLast oOn tThe Bed?

How long men can survive on bed actually plays a vital role in determining the sex life of a person. If you are in search of tricks and tips which will allow you to last long on the bed, then honestly let me tell you that start ignoring the clock. After the size of the penis, long-lasting quality is another myth which should not matter to you every time. The time you last on the bed is actually an unrealistic issue and hence men usually end up getting pressured while on the bed. She is of course not expecting you to last on the bed for hours and hence it is perfectly fine if you last somewhere between 3 minutes to 30 minutes. IT IS FINE DUDE!


5. How To Make Your Wife Be More Adventurous On The Bed?

Every man dreams about a wife who is horny, adventurous and sensual on the bed at the same time. It is actually difficult to feel adventurous on the bed when you have actually planned for a penetration. If you really want your wife to act adventurous enough on the bed, you should pick up a copy of Kamasutra and try some of those poses! It is always good to try and opt for poses which you have never tried before! Consider all the points before opting for a particular sex position because not every sex position is meant for everyone.


6. Why A Man Can’t Give An Orgasm To A Woman During Sex?

If you're worried that you won't be able to give an orgasm to a woman while on the bed, then you need to read this out. If you are not showing your endless love for your girl then this might be the prime reason why you are ending up faking yourself on the bed. For a woman, foreplay and climaxing is the most vital game, which trains her mind to get high on the bed. Shut off the TV, keep the mobile away and start the foreplay! And boy, don't act under pressure, as sex is something which should be done with feelings. If you perform things under pressure, this may kill your and her mood as well.


7. How To Know If She Is Faking On The Bed?

This can be the worst thing when you know that your partner is actually faking on the bed. Is it a problem for you? Well, you should not take it personally if your partner is simply faking her orgasm while on the bed. While most of the women become screamers or mourners while on the bed, but on the other hand, there are many women who can show the same reaction when they are climaxing. Stop worrying if she is faking or not, concentrate on her weak points and allow her to come naturally.

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