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Why A Woman Biting Her Lips Is Hot

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A woman biting her lip is surely a turn on to men. Are you wondering why lip biting is so hot? Well, there are certain reasons behind the phenomena.

If a woman bites her lip, it surely turns on any man who is watching her. But what is it so hot about a woman biting her lower lip? Why men go crazy for such a simple thing?

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Why do Boys Look at Girl's Lips ?

Well, men go into a trance when a woman bites her lips during a very intense flirty conversation in a pub. Here are the reasons why.


Body Language Is A Powerful Tool

Most of us think that flirting needs words but body language is more powerful when it comes to conveying attraction.

The body can speak louder than words. Imagine this. When you are talking to a woman, the way she stands or plays with her hair, the way she bends forward or gives a mischievous smile...aren't those the things which are way more powerful than flirtatious words?


Attraction Starts Somewhere In The Subconscious World

Most of the body language signs are not voluntary actions. The unconscious mind dictates certain involuntary actions, when there is a strong attraction between two people.

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If A Woman Bites Her Lip...

Lips are hot. Red lips are too hot. And if a woman bites her lip, it makes a man go crazy. Well, whether a woman is biting her lips to convey you something or she's just biting lips thinking about something else is a mystery to you. But still, lip biting is the hottest thing.


Your Focus Goes There

When you are trying to flirt with her and she bites her lips, your focus shifts to her lips. Your mind then imagines kissing her. This is one reason why woman biting her lip turns you on.


Makes You Curious

When you are trying to flirt with someone, you tend to intensely observe how that person responds. And when you see her biting her lips, your body will sense it as a good signal and that turns you on.

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You Have Seen It In Movies

Another reason why we all think that lip biting is hot is because of all the movies that we have seen. Generally, in romantic movies, lip biting is shown when a woman feels shy before the first kiss.

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