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Funny Ways In Which Indian Girls Hide Their Boyfriends From Parents!


College life is the most beautiful phase in anyone's life. The first thing that comes to anyone's mind is the fun and the thrill college life gave.

Also, if your parents were strict and still you managed to do all the mischief secretly, you would relish those memories forever!

Firstly, parents hate the words like 'love', 'boyfriends', dating and affairs. They like only words like studies, classes, ranks, and gold medals. But still, bunking the college and going for a movie secretly seems to give all the fun in the world to college students!

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In this post, let us discuss how college girls generally hide their boyfriends from their strict parents!


Extra Classes In College!

This is the most popular excuse. When you go home late because of spending hours together in the college canteen chatting with your boyfriend, what would you tell your mom? Simple, extra classes!


College-Excursion Trip

What to do when they have to go out of the station along with the boyfriend? Well, college-excursion trip or tour with classmates; this is the widely used excuse according to a survey!


Combined Studies!

The words 'combined studies' or 'group studies' are code words which actually mean dating! Yes, most of us did it in college! Actually, combined studies implies going to a classmate's house and studying.


Friend's Grandma Expired!

If no excuse comes to mind, some even lie that a friend's granny just expired! Yes, at that age, meeting the boyfriend seems to be the first priority!


Priya's Number

Another way in which Indian college girls hide their boyfriends is by saving their phone number with a girl's name! If the guy's name is Praveen, they save it in the name of Priya. So, even if parents check the contacts list, they see only girls' names in it!

Most Common Places Where People Make Love


Dance Class, Yoga Class, Computer Class

All classes generally have only one goal. To be able to come out of the house without giving any lame excuses to the parents and meet the sweetheart!


Project Work!

When all excuses are finished, and if one has to meet the boyfriend during holidays, what would they do? Well, 'project work' is another awesome excuse most of the college girls use!


We're Just Friends!

What if a girl and a boy are caught red handed while hanging out in parks after bunking the college? Well, the last and the final excuse is used. "Dad, we're just friends! Take it easy!"

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