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Dating Tips We Can Take From Animals!


There is so much to learn from the animal kingdom. Yes, we are talking about dating and attracting a potential partner!

Looks are not everything that decide about your magnetism. In fact, that is why we sometimes come across couples in which one partner is extremely good-looking compared to the other.

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If you are curious about what animals could really teach us about dating, here are some interesting facts!


Tip #1

Most of the animals attract potential mates through smell. In fact, even humans emit a different kind of odour when they are getting intimate with a potential partner.

What can we learn from animals? Well, smell good! If you don't smell good, use a perfume. If you hate to use a perfume, then at least eat healthy and workout regularly. That will help you maintain healthy body odour.


Tip #2

Touch a loved one. Touch with love! Do you know why your pet dog tries to cuddle up with you? He is trying to enjoy your touch! When you put your hand on a dog's head, he feels good.

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In fact, even in human beings, a touch releases certain feel-good chemicals that strengthen the bond and give joy instantly. So, try to touch your loved one regularly to enhance the bond.


Tip #3

Some species of birds are said to dance just to get some attention from the opposite sex.

Yes, it works for human beings too. Dance displays your fitness levels, your healthy body shape, your co-ordination skills and your mind's ability to create rhythmic patterns. All these qualities impress the opposite sex!


Tip #4

Some species of birds and animals fiercely protect their mates and offspring from predators. What can we learn from that?

Well, show your protective side to a woman and unconsciously she will perceive you as a potential husband who can raise children and protect them for a lifetime.


Tip #5

Though it is tough to believe, male rats sing or make some sounds to attract females! Of course, you don't need to go to the singing classes now, but it is a fact that a remarkable voice gets you some attention from your mate.

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Tip #6

The male peacock displays its beautiful and colourful bunch of feathers to the female peacock. In fact, in some species of birds, the males are gifted with colourful feathers only to attract the female.

What can we learn from this? Well, groom yourself well and try to look good and clean if you wish to attract a potential date.


Tip #7

Some birds work very hard to build beautiful nests only to attract the female birds. Yes, build a beautiful mansion and see how it increases your magnetism! Home gives security and a beautiful home will give thoughts of a beautiful life to anyone.

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Tip #8

In many species of insects, the males offer gifts to the females to impress and convince for intercourse. So, don't hesitate to spend your savings on some valuable gifts that show your love towards your partner.

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