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Why Writing Your Thoughts Is The Best Form Of Love


Centuries ago, falling in love was a very innocent kind of an emotion. Today, youngsters have taken this form of an emotion to a whole new level and have outraged this emotion to a whole new meaning. In those years, when couples fell in love, the only thing that drew their relationship together and made them last forever was the love letters that they wrote to each other.

Today, on an average scale of 1 to 10, there are less than 4 people who actually prefer writing a love letter to their special someone to express how they feel in the relationship. Love letters are much more romantic and have a stronger meaning when compared to any other source of showing your love for one another.

Through writing, one can actually throw out how they feel for their partner in words. Telling that special someone how you feel in writing also has more value than just saying it out loud. Youngsters today may often wonder what is the necessity of putting your thoughts down on a paper. But, think again, while putting pen to paper it is not your mind which is speaking, it is the heart.

Relationship experts also feel that young couples of this 21st century should go back to writing, as it is one of the most and best ways to say the 3 magical words, "I love you". Take a look at these simple ways why we think you should start writing to your loved one:

Your Emotions Are Best Written Down: Experts state that when you write down your feelings, it has a much more value than speaking it out loud. So, write that love letter to that special someone today.

It Is The Sweetest Way To Show Your Love: In simple words, writing a love letter to someone who means the world to you only shows your 'innocent and true love'. If you desire for that someone to know the beating of your heart, put it in words and it is as simple as that.

Words Make A Lot Of Difference: Yes, words make a whole lot of difference when it comes to expressing your love for someone. It is wise to write a poem or a quote, so that your special one knows how you feel for him or her.

You Can Experiment With Letters: Experiments in love letters are one of the many ways to show your love. You can draw the attention of your loved one by writing a long letter that runs into many pages. It will be one roller-coaster ride for him/her to read this for sure.

It Has A Much Deeper Impact: Love letters have a deeper meaning, as you are taking an extra effort into showing how much that person means to you. Hence, express your heart with words and sweep your loved one off his/her feet with a love letter.

Story first published: Tuesday, January 12, 2016, 10:00 [IST]
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