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Why Twin Flame Relationships Are Challenging


Have you ever felt as if your special someone is just like a mirror image of you? Do you feel a telepathic connection with her? Do you feel as if she is able to read your mind?

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Do you feel as if your relationship is divine? Does it look as if god has sent that person into your life to make it beautiful? Well, if you strongly feel that irrational attraction and feel that synchronicity is playing a role then it could be a twin flame relationship.

A soulmate relationship makes you feel that both of you are born for each other whereas a twin flame relationship makes you feel that both of you are not two but one. You feel as if the other person is a part of you.

So, such a relationship must be the perfect one, right? Well, there are challenges in such relationships too but the benefit is that every challenge helps you grow in leaps and bounds and makes you a better person.

Your ego will be challenged and washed away. Your fears will be challenged and destroyed. Your insecurities will be brought to the surface and removed. This way, a twin flame relationship makes you a complete human being after a while.

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In fact, your life on this planet becomes evolved when you find a twin flame partner who pushes your boundaries but with love. In such relationships, there is no room for pettiness and foolishness. Read on to know more...


They Are Very Deep

Some relationships are connected only at the surface level. But twin flame relationships are very deeply connected. That is why there is vulnerability in them. Of course, when both of you are not two but a single entity, every word and action of the other affects you, right?


Lots Of Expectations

Like any other relationship, even the twin flame relationships start with expectations. And as everything seems perfect, the expectations increase and may cause some disappointments in the initial phase. But gradually, all lessons will be learnt and expectations vanish and love takes its place. That is the beauty of twin flame relationships.


They Have Lessons To Teach

Normal relationships are more about pleasure seeking but twin flame relationships are more than that. They teach you lessons. Though it is tough to know why you have to undergo pain in such a beautiful relationship, gradually you will come to feel as if god sent someone to make you learn what you are hesitating to learn.


Lovemaking Is Very Intense

When you touch anyone, the feeling would be on the surface level but when you sleep with a twin flame, it is like a volcanic eruption. The lava of desire could quench your cravings for life.


They Are Haunting

Once you fall in love with a twin flame, you can't avoid that person so easily. His or her thoughts would keep haunting you and life seems boring without such a relationship. But this is good. You tend to patch up super fast in case of a small breakup.


They Are Liberating

Normal relationships are about attachments but twin flame relationships are bigger than that. They liberate you with love. Yes, love doesn't mean getting addicted to the other and staying attached. It is also about going past that attachment and being able to love without getting attached. Sounds confusing? Well, only a twin flame relationships could teach you that.


They Complete Your Journey

All of us feel a sense of purpose for coming to this planet. Well, if you are a romantic soul then your journey on this planet would be complete the moment you land in the arms of your twin soul. A sense of satisfaction and contentment comes from such a relationship. You will not have any other desire or goal in your relationship after you feel such intense love in your heart. That is pure joy, and bliss.

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