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Why Is It Better To Have A Girlfriend Than A Wife?


So, gentlemen, which do you prefer, a wife or a girlfriend? We are sure that 90 per cent would prefer having a girlfriend, as there are no strings attached unlike in case of a wife.

Well, recent studies have showed that women would want a man who will be a husband to them, they want a man who will be theirs and theirs alone, but men have their own choices!

Modern Way To Propose Marriage To Your Girlfriend

Men prefer a girlfriend over a wife, only because there is more freedom being in a relationship than being completely committed in terms of marriage.

When a relationship gets on paper, it becomes twice as much difficult to move out from the relationship, which is why, men resent to take the decision of getting down on one knee.

So, ladies, if you thought that your man would love to settle down with you, it is time to think again or maybe reconsider, as we bring to you some of the reasons why men want to have a girlfriend instead of a wife.

Why It's Best Not To Have A Girlfriend

These reasons, which are mentioned below, will truly blow your mind off and shock you out of your wits. Ladies, sit down, relax and read on to know the mind of a man. We bring to you the ugly truth, take a look:


More Freedom:

When you have a girlfriend, there is more freedom, more space to breathe when compared to having a wife, who is always around the corner breathing behind your neck.


Nobody To Question Him:

A wife will always question her husband about his whereabouts, but a girlfriend will not, since she has no idea where he wanders off too, even if it has to be in the middle of the night.


Girlfriends Are Not Watchmen:

Unlike a wife who keeps a tab on every move of her husband, girlfriends are not that much in control and the only reason is because girlfriends are ever around the man 24/7.


He Will Have More Time For Friends:

If you have a string of friends you want to give a part of your life to, you can do so only when you are not married. Once you put that ring on her finger, you will have to forget about your friends circle. This is one of the main reasons why men don't prefer getting married, until they are certain.


There Is No Permission Required:

If you want to camp out with your buddies, you can always step out without taking any permission. But, once you are married, a man has to think twice and seek multiple permissions to enjoy himself.


The Absence Of Documents:

With marriage comes along a lot of documentation. But, with just a relationship, there are no strings attached. You have the ability to walk out anytime.


You Get To Sleep Around With Many:

Though this is not a good reason to quote, there are a lot of men out there who prefer to stay away from a marriage only because they have a lot more fish in the sea to turn to, than just one woman. This is another reason why some men prefer to have a girlfriend than a wife.

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