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Why Double Dating Is Dangerous?


Some people prefer to meet their soulmate through dating. Dating can help you to develop your personality.

Most people spend so much of their time waiting, searching and then go through the experiences of dating till they find what they are looking for.

On the other hand, some even try to keep their options open and decide not to commit to only one person, as they have no qualms of dating two persons at once.

So, if you would end-up dating two people at the same time, it may not seem like a big deal. However, there are chances of you getting serious with two people at the same time.

You may not think about the repercussions of dating two people and the share of problems it can bring with it, especially when you are not serious about the relationship.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you playing in the field a little by dating two people at once, yet there can be pitfalls in it.

Your intentions with double dating may be right for you, yet dating two people at once can create unneeded complications, especially when things are not out in the open.

It can definitely put you in trouble, particularly leading to a double heartache. Hence, here are some reasons why double dating is dangerous.

Unintended Consequences

Going on a double date is a totally personal preference. But, you should be careful of the drama that comes with double dating.

The pitfall of why double dating is dangerous is that you need to be ready to face the consequences of what will happen if both of your love interests come to know of your intentions.

They would certainly come to know about your dating formula either through friends or through social networking sites. There is always the possibility of getting into a loophole somewhere.

End Up Having Strong Feelings

So, why is it always said that you should never date two people at the same time? Ladies who prefer to date two guys at the same time need to remember that getting serious with both of them is absolutely deceitful.

After being in a relationship for sometime, you would certainly end up finding yourself having extremely strong feelings for one guy over the other.

This can definitely put you in an awkward situation, if you don’t take the step to discontinue the second relationship.

Stuck In A Confusion

You would end up living the life of an actress in your own life, by playing the perfect girlfriend/boyfriend for two different people.

Moreover, over a period of time, double dating would make you to love both of them, without even realising the situation and consequences that you are going to face. Eventually, this would make you feel confused to pick just one.

Biggest Liar

Double dating can turn you into the biggest liar in the entire world. You would be constantly living a life full of lies. You begin to make up all kinds of outrageous fabrications for not getting caught between the two relationships.

You would even try to tangle yourself in lies, so as to separate both the dates from meeting each other.

Heartbroken And Lonely

If you are dating two men who are on the rebound from a failed romance then remember cheating them is no fun; since they both are looking for someone who would never leave them.

If they come to know about your intentions of keeping both of them then there is a possibility of them walking out of the relationship. Within moments, your romantic life would end, leaving you heartbroken and lonely.

Having enjoyed life with two amazing guys, ending up with nothing can be quite distressing. Both of them would assume that someone they loved dearly had cheated on them and it would leave them devastated. In the end, you would have inexorably ruined both the relationships that had once trusted you.

Physical Intimacy

Dating can sometimes lead to physical intimacy. Why double dating is dangerous because you would end up getting sexually involved with both the guys.

A physical relationship can sometime be mistaken for love and then breaking up can be heartbreaking.

If you have given a part of yourself then you should know for a fact that you can never get it back. This can leave you feeling wrecked in guilt and can make you feel worse.

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Story first published: Monday, February 1, 2016, 19:00 [IST]
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