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10 Things You Will Regret Not Doing In A Relationship

By Debdatta Mazumder

Being in a relationship is not as hard as to carry it on successfully. When you see your grandparents, you may be surprised as to how wonderfully they have lived their life together. What is the secret behind this?

When relationships are breaking on feeble reasons, it is really wonderful how they’re still holding onto each other’s hands even till today.

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There are many people who regret later on in their lives for not being able to save their relationship. It is true that often bad choices lead you to unsuccessful relationships, but is there anything from your part that had made it worse?

Yes, there are lots of things you will regret not doing in a relationship. While thinking of 10 things you will regret not doing in a relationship, you’ll realise many little things that you’ve ignored, which you shouldn't have missed.

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What are those 10 things you will regret not doing in a relationship? Actually, if you think about those things, you may feel them to be very trivial to consider.

So, here are some of those things you will regret not doing in a relationship. Do have a look.


1. Not Speaking Your Heart Out:

Maybe two of you have wasted time on maintaining your ego. If you've told your partner what you really felt about any of his/her decision, the situation may have been different and better today. Consider this among the 10 things that you will regret not doing in a relationship.


2. Not Laughing As Much As You Could:

A strong relationship is that in which you solve issues with a smile on your face. How did you forget that? If you had only laughed together on your failure once, maybe you could've solved your problems in a much better way.


3. Not Trying Something New:

Both of you may have felt your relationship to be quite boring, but none of you might have tried anything from your side. What more you need to regret on? Plan exciting things when the right time is right. Otherwise, you won't have anything other than regreting the lost time.


4. Not Making Out More Love:

You won't stay young and full of life always. Make sure you won't regret for not making out more love with your partner. It is obviously one of those things you will regret not doing in a relationship.


5. Not Spending More Time With Each Other:

Both of you are very busy and climbing the ladder of your career. That's okay, but have you ever thought why you're doing all this? It is only love and support of your partner that will stay forever, not money. So, give as much time to your family as you can.


6. Not Mending Gaps:

Not solving your issues with each other could also make you regret at a later point in life. May be your gap could be mended easily once, but now, both of you are staying poles apart and trying it again seems like climbing a mountain. But, people do win over peak, right?


7. Not Talking:

What are the 10 things you will regret not doing in a relationship? Women often complain that their husbands never talk to them much. May be your wife has something important to tell you. If you don't pay attention, you're losing your chance, mister.


8. Not Showing How Much You Love Each Other:

May be you're a kind of person who doesn't like any kind of show-off. Don't do it. But, you should show your partner that you care. Sharing household chores with your wife is nothing like showing off about your love.


9. Not Praising Your Partner Often:

Maybe your hubby bought that dress to surprise you. He surely expects something good from you, not only criticism. But, your attitude can lead him not to bring anything further. Won't you regret that?


10. Not Being Alone In A Crowd:

To sum up the list of 10 things you will regret not doing in a relationship, this is one that you should take care of. Don't you miss those days of sharing one ice cream or walking in the rain, getting lost in this big city together, etc? Why can't you re-live those old days again?

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Story first published: Sunday, April 3, 2016, 11:00 [IST]
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