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10 Tricks To Cheer Up Your Wife

By Sneha A

When was the last time you did something out of the ordinary for your wife to make her feel loved and special? Long time ago, isn’t it?

Well now here is something you must understand if you wish to lift up your wife’s spirits. Show her gratitude and keep doing something nice and out of the blue at least once in a while to keep her happy.

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It does not always have to be buying something expensive; in fact, most of the times, it is certain small actions that get her to realise how valuable she is to you, and these are the best ways to lift up your wife’s mood.

Your wife, apart from being your lover and partner for life, is your friend even in your worst times, your care-giver, mother to your children and your support in times of need.

She is one of the most integral parts of your life, and thus is worth all the extra efforts from you, especially when she is feeling low.

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Sometimes, when she is upset or troubled about something or simply tired, you tend to feel helpless.

However, there are a few things you can do; and to help you out, here is a list of a few ideas to tell how you can make your wife feel better, at times when she is feeling low.


1. Cook For Her:

Surprise her by cooking her a special meal. It does not have to be something very exquisite but a simple one that is one among her favourites. Also, keep in mind to set the table pretty, which says you love her the most.


2. Gift Her Flowers:

Gift her flowers for absolutely no reason. Women instantly cheer up with the sight of some beautiful roses, orchids, etc.


3. Make Her Laugh:

Women always appreciate a good laugh and so, at times, when nothing works, just telling a funny story can create magic.


4. Help Her With Household Chores:

Do some of the household chores, especially the ones she hates to do. Help her out in doing those dishes, cooking and cleaning. Take off this burden from her shoulders for the day and allow her to relax.


5. Take Her Out For Shopping:

Take her on a shopping spree and see the difference. There is nothing that makes a woman as happy as shopping does. Don't believe me? Try this one and see it for yourself.


6. Gift Her Something:

Gift her something pretty and see her face light up like a star. It can be something luxurious or something not so fancy that'll for sure rekindle the love you both have shared for each other.


7. Sing For Her:

If you can sing, then sing for her, may be an old song that once you both loved in the earlier days of your relationship. Do a little dance with her and watch her cheer up with loads of laughter.


8. Foot Or A Back Massage:

Give her a foot or back massage to ease off her tension. This small trick can work wonders in relaxing those tense muscles and calming her stressed mind.


9. Listen To Her:

Listen to what she has to say, especially when you are in a group. This will make her feel that she is really important for you and you respect her opinions.


10. Kiss Her:

A simple kiss in the morning can work wonders in your relationship. Women always love such cute little displays of affection with all their heart. So, kiss her like you mean it and like you've never kissed her before.

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Story first published: Saturday, May 28, 2016, 11:45 [IST]
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