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Real Vs Reel Love: Which Do You Prefer?


Unconditional love is what we all love to have. There are many famous examples for unconditional and pure love in films and books.

But, only a few are lucky to experience and enjoy this in their life. Is unconditional love real? This is a hot topic where each one in love will have different opinion about the love that they expect and receive.

Unconditional love does exist! But, what we feel about it depends on our expectations. There are many people in love who have unrealistic expectations about love.

The influence of movies and novels is one of the major reasons for this. This will make you live in a dream world, thinking of unusual surprises and extraordinary incidents.

Have you ever thought of real vs reel love? If not, it is time for you to asses yourself to find whether you are living in a dream world with filmy fantasies.

Here we will discuss more on real vs reel love and this will help you get an answer for your question 'is unconditional love real?’


A reel life guy will be an all-rounder

No matter who is the hero, reel life heroes are always all-rounder. They will sing well, dance with grace, fight like a trained fighter and will be aware of whatever happening around the world.

But, never think that this will be something that you will find from the one who provide you with unconditional innocent love.


In reel life, you will understand other’s feelings

Background music and facial expressions that match with the situation is enough to understand the feelings of a character when you watch a film.

But, this will never be the case in real life where you will not even try to understand what your partner is thinking or feeling.


Real love is not always colourful

A song or dance sequence that is shooted in your favourite holiday spot can make you thrilled and excited about love. You will imagine yourself and your partner In the same place.

But in real life, this is not something that will happen in the life of an ordinary couple.


Reel guys can stick to their girls around the clock

While in reel life, the lovers will be together 24 hours. By seeing this, if you dream like that about your partner, chances are more that you will end up with disappointment. Unconditional love doesn't mean that you have to be together always.


Unexpected surprises

All women love surprises! In films and novels, there will be dream like situations that will give surprises that nobody can even expect.

But in real life, your partner may not get time even to think of it when trying hard to make a living.


Twist and turns changes life in reels

While any unexpected twist can change the life of the characters all of a sudden in films or novels, this will not happen in real life.

In your real life, you have to take your own wise decisions to make your life move smoothly.

Is unconditional love real or does it exists only in noels and movies will never remain as a doubt once you understand the differences in real vs reel life.

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