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National Hug Day Special How To Hug Like A Man


Hugs play a very important role in all relationships. They convey love, intimacy and a lot more. Without hugs, we can't even imagine how to express the longing for someone.

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And yes, hugs do have a lot of heath benefits too. They can elevate your moods and do a lot of good to you physical and emotional health.

But then you need to know the right way to hug if you don't want to mess it up and spoil the experience for other person. Yes, there is a difference between hugging someone just to convey closeness and hugging someone to express love.

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Lets us talk about the romantic hug that happens between people of the opposite sex. How to hug like a man? Read on to know some good ways to show your affection and passion.


When You Just Meet her After A Long Gap....

Hug her tightly to convey how much you have missed her. But don't crush her with your arms as that would suffocate her. Find the right balance between passion and lust.


When She Suddenly Says Something Cute....

Place your arm around her neck and hug her from behind. Whisper in her ear some romantic words.


When She Sulks Because You Haven't Texted her Back Last Night...

Place your arms around her neck and brush your nose against her hair. This hug should also be from behind as she is upset with you. Say sorry once she tuned to the hug.


When You Give A Gift...

Hug her from the front as you deserve that much after giving a gift! But ensure that your gift symbolises how much you love her; otherwise, your hug from the front may backfire!


When It's Raining...

Watching rain is a romantic thing to do. Bring her closer to you and enjoy the warmth. As both of you need to watch the rain, this hug should be from the side wards.


While Sleeping....

Don't simply slip into sleep after love making. Place her head over your heart and hug her while sleeping. She will feel secure in your hug.


When You're Alone Amidst Nature

Tell her a joke and when she is busy laughing, place your hands on her waist from behind. She must gently come closer if she enjoys this hug.


When She Wants To Kiss...

Hug her tight and lift her a bit so that she can reach your cheeks. If she is taller than you, ask her to lift you!


At The Dinner Table

Make her sit on your lap and hug her gently. A kiss at this time could also go well with the hug.


Inside The Bedroom...

This is where you can experiment with all types of passionate hugs. But whatever you do, ensure that she is okay with it as any woman would want to be dealt with carefully. You can't crush a flower just to enjoy its fragrance!

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