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Is She A Pillow-Princess?

So you have been dating her since a few weeks and have finally managed to take her to the bedroom. You have so many crazy and wild plans while undressing yourself but when you look at her, she does nothing but lie on the bed and remain silent.

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You wonder whether she is a pillow princess. What's meant by the word pillow princess? Well, it generally refers to women who seldom do anything on the bed except lying down expecting the other person to do everything to satisfy them.

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There are many reasons why a person turns into a pillow princess. Some women like to be pampered and some women want to be given lots of pleasure before they can even think of giving anything in return. Here are some more such reaosns...


Lack Of Experience

Inexperience could be one reason why she is just lying there doing nothing in your bedroom. When she doesn't know where to start and what to do, it is you who needs to take the first step and assure her that everything would be fine.


Too Much Of Experience

Yes when she has too much of experience and wants to hide that, she may act like a pillow princess by acting shy. Well, even though you know that, act like you don't know that she is pretending and take the first step by assuring that everything would be alright.



Some women undergo fears. Something stops them from exploring their sensual side and this could make them nervous in the bed room.


Previous Experience

A woman who has been with a partner who has dominated her or abused her in the bedroom tends to become passive in bed.



Some women are totally cold to the idea of having fun between the sheets. Though they may smile and get ready for a kiss, they freeze inside the bedroom.



Some women are very lazy and they deserve the label pillow princess as they simply expect a man to do everything and offer them pleasure.


Medical Reasons

One of the reasons could also be medical issues. When a woman has certain medical issues, she may not be able to give herself in bed. That is when you need to be compassionate and show some empathy.