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Importance Of Marriage In A Relationship

Marriage is the cornerstone of moral and social order. What we can perceive from the existing scenario is, the institution named marriage, which used to be sacred until a few years back is now losing out on the importance of it.

People are preferring to be single, or in a live-in relationship and they claim to be happy. But technically, when we look at our parents or grandparents, we feel proud and happy to be with them. Isn't it?

The even better compliment we get is that we are an exact replica of our mom or dad, and the feeling sure is great. Our parents are definitely our role models.

But, nowadays, we want to have our own life, own sphere, own space, own money, etc. So, in short, life has become a cocoon and the individual wants to have a hassle-free life, without having any accountability.

Now, comes the next phase, in which marriage demands commitment and responsibility. Youngsters are running away from both the terms because it requires a lifetime effort. Had you faced the same, what would have been your reaction? Of course, it sounds a bit rude, but nobody loves to be alone.

When you are back from college or your work, you want the presence of both your parents and you do need both of their guidance in different phases of life, isn't it?

Marriage actually is a beautiful relationship, when experienced with the right person. In other words, you have to up bring and nurture a new relationship with a new person, whether it is an arranged or a love marriage.

You need to understand one another deeply, feel for one another, have the habit of adjustment, should compromise for one another, and last but not the least, shouldn't hesitate or get your ego in saying sorry if it's saving your relationship.

You feel more stable and secure in a marriage, as compared to a live-in relationship. The reason being, difference in the feelings for one another.

It's not important that every partner is same or everyone is lucky enough to have an adjusting partner. No family is perfect.

None of the family members would have been there where there were no fights or quarrels. But you need to give time and space accordingly and you need to be positive.

Now, when you look back and feel happy about your parents being together, you should give them credit for sacrificing their lives. Many are unfortunate who don't get to stay with both the parents.

Ask them the importance of each of the parent's love, then you will realise what a gem you have in your life.

As per a recent survey, the number of divorce cases in India is on a rapid increase.

Once, marriage was such a sacred thing in India, which needed to be performed with different rituals, as per customs and religions, but now, the scenario has completely changed.

None of the live-in relationships, no matter how long you continue to be in the one, can give you that feeling, emotion or bonding, which a marriage can make you experience.

Therefore, we can't deny the fact that marriage actually helps brighten our future and look for a better tomorrow.

Marriage can be difficult but it is worth every wait. Marriage is the bonding of souls of two universes and the heaven looks upon it with happiness.

Marriage is the most beautiful act in two individuals life. Marriage can be tough as nothing comes easy. Marriage makes you have someone for the rest of your life. Marriage is the reason you are alive.

Marriage is the happiness that you seek in one-another through bonding, intimacy, and happiness. Marriage is the sacred hub of love. Marriage is the beauty we fail to see.

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