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How To Understand A Woman In A Relationship?


Gentlemen, do you fail to understand the woman in your life? If yes, not to worry as 90 per cent of the men fail to understand a woman.

Studies reveal that women have a slightly sharper sense of smell and vision than men do, which is why women are considered to be more "detail-oriented!

Women are also gifted when it comes to the emotional self. They are more likely to recall memories that have emotional significance, so it is necessary to be careful what you say to her in the middle of a fight because she may never forget it.

To understand a woman, you first need to know that all women are different and not the same. Acknowledge a woman's social status and the pressures she faces in the society.

Observing her is another key to make note if you want to get to know her well. When you take interest in observing her every move in a not-so-shady way, you will get to know the woman in your life.

So, today, we educate you with some of the vital things to keep in mind to get to know a woman better:


Body Language

Body language is mandatory for a man to notice in a woman for women convey most of their thoughts and ideas through body language.


Mood Swings

If a woman seems fussy and irritated, it doesn't have to mean that she is on her PMS. Men always assume that anger, frustration and irritation is the cause of imbalanced hormones. It is nice not to think so much in detail, as you could be the reason why she is having those mood swings too.


The Company Of Her Friends

'You are known for the company you keep'. This quote never gets stale. If she is in a good company of friends, she will automatically have a good personality.


By Actually Listening To Her

When she speaks to you, don't just hear what she has to say, you pay close attention to the words coming out from her mouth and listen to her. This is the best way to get to know a woman.


Pay Attention To Those Little Gestures

Pay a close watch to those little things in life, it is of much importance to a woman. If you want to really understand a woman, pay her a compliment and see how she reacts to it. At the same time, give her a passing criticism and notice her behaviour. Most women are not welcome to criticisms.


How About Having A Conversation With Her

To understand a woman better, have a real conversation with her. Pick up an interesting topic and discuss on it. Listen to her mind and you will soon get to know her inside and out.


Watch Her Movements Around Other People

When she is around other women, keep an eye on her, but don't make it too obvious. By doing so, you will be able to study her well and know how she reacts with other people in her life.

Story first published: Friday, March 11, 2016, 18:30 [IST]
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