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How To Make Your Man 'Hard'

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Frankly speaking, getting a guy hard is quite easy during the initial stages of the relationship and quite difficult after a decade!

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Well, don't worry about the future; it is all about turning someone on. And yes, keep it subtle or obvious depending upon the sensibilities of your man.

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Some men like only subtlety whereas some men like gross moves. You know him better. So, take charge!


Tip #1

Look into his eyes, go closer and gently blow air into his air. This might work if your man is young. If he is above 45, he may simply laugh and continue reading the newspaper.


Tip #2

Texting can do a lot if he is in a different place. Start talking dirty in your texts if you want to make him hard from a distance.


Tip #3

Gently touch his neck with your fingers. As neck is a sensitive area, he might get into that mood quite fast when you gently touch the skin around his neck.


Tip #4

Another cute way is to touch your body like the way you want to be touched. He may go crazy when he sees you touch yourself in his presence.


Tip #5

Look at his pants for more than a minute without blinking your eyes. He will surely get all his tools ready to take up the project.


Tip #6

Adjust your bra while talking to him. This is the best tip you can ever get.


Tip #7

If your man is suffering from erectile dysfunction, none of the above tips may work. You may need to help him by taking him to the doctor. But don't forget to offer him your love as it can heal many health disorders.

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Story first published: Saturday, October 15, 2016, 8:01 [IST]
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