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Here's How You Can Better Your Love-making Skills

When you are in a relationship, you need to think about too many things. Paying attention to these little things can help you avoid unwanted conflicts and it also helps you to maintain harmony in the relationship.

Handling relationships in a healthy way is the need of the hour, as we've been witnessing how relationships these days last and how fights get blown out of proportion from nowhere.

Here, in this article, we are here to share the list of things to do before making love to your partner. These are the things that will help you make your bond stronger with your partner.

Try these tips to better your love life and keep your partner the happiest, as these tips will surely help in strengthening your bond in a better way.

Find out about these interesting things that can help you make your relationship stronger and an everlasting one, as it helps you to take an effort in working on the relationship.

Some of these tips might shock you, as you would not even have imagined that this little step can make your bond this stronger.

So, read on to know more.


Foreplay Does The Magic Trick

Getting involved in a sweet foreplay before the actual "deed" helps you to understand the comfort level of your partner in the act and their willingness. Do pay attention to their needs and stop it when they are not willing to continue.


Stare Each Other Down

This is one of the most common advices that sex experts suggest. Staring right into each other's eyes for a minute or two helps you to connect with your partner in a better way.


Think About Happy Times

If you think that the staring into the eyes trick is not yours, then you can try this. All you need to do is lie on your partner's chest and close your eyes and think about all the positive and happy things that you've shared as a couple.


Check Out Photos Of Yourselves

Celebrating and enjoying moments that you had shared with your partner helps to make your bond stronger with your partner. It can help to cement the positive feelings about each other and the relationship.


Share Sex Fantasies

Sharing your sex fantasies and desires with your partner can make both of you feel confident about yourselves. This way, you could make the act a little interesting by playing out each other's fantasies.


Spend A Little Extra Time On Foreplay

Do not hurry in the foreplay to get to the main action. Keep it slow and intense with a little massage and caress all over their body. These little tricks can make your relationship & love-making skills stronger.

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Story first published: Friday, May 6, 2016, 15:22 [IST]
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