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Here Are 7 Reasons Why You Should Not Shop With Your Boyfriend


So, do you want your man to join you on your shopping spree? Think again, as it may be a bad idea to tag him along, especially when guys and shopping are two poles apart.

Studies show that 90 per cent of men hate the idea of shopping and it becomes a worse scenario for them when it comes to shopping with a woman.

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So, ladies if you thought that you can crawl him in with your shopping plans, it is not a great date to ask him on. Instead of shopping alone, ask your girlfriends to tag along.

You will not only enjoy the company of another woman, but you will also bask in her opinions, which aren't judgemental, unlike your man's.

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So, ladies, if you are wondering why we advice you not to shop with your boyfriend, take a look at some of these reasons that are stated below.

After reading this article, you will surely leave him behind the next time you head to a mall.


He Will Lose His Patience With You:

If you pull him along with you on a shopping spree, your man will run out of patience. No man likes the idea of being in the company of a woman who can't make up her mind on clothes she is purchasing.


He Will Never Understand Your Idea Of Colours:

No man understands a woman's language of colour. To him, everything will be pink, blue, red, black or white.


He Is Unaware Of Those Trends:

From floral prints, ruffle tops to bright neon colours, no man understands the difference. So, the next time you want to shop for something trendy, take a woman instead, as she will be your best guide.


He Will Pass Those Shady Comments:

Not taking him with you for shopping will save your ears from all the shady comments most men are famous for making when it comes to women and fashion.


He Will Complain About His Time:

Unlike we women who can spend hours on endless shopping, men aren't like that. Instead of wasting those precious hours on window shopping with you, he'd rather take a long nap or watch his football match!


He Will Begin To Judge You:

Most men love to judge their woman when it comes to their clothing sense and fashion statement. If you cast your eyes on a skirt you really love, he might put your mood off and change your idea towards that sexy outfit.


He Won't Be In For A Surprise:

If you take him along, how can you surprise him with that lingerie? Well, this is the reason why we advice you not to shop with your boyfriend.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 6, 2016, 18:00 [IST]
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