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5 Reasons Why Relationships Don't Work Out In The 21st Century

By A Mixed Nerve

Relationships are one of the best chapters in one's life. But, what if I tell you that recent studies show that 90 percent of the couples who are getting into a relationship have no ability to make the relationship last. It is not because they lack potential. The reasons are many.

Statistics show that nearly 70 percent of the couples do not believe in the idea of long-term and the new lifestyle we are leading is the reason to blame.

Due to the lack of patience, the fear of commitment and a busy life, couples these days don't want to invest in a relationship unless they are pressurized into it by their parents.

It is also seen that men who cross the age of 33 find no need to settle down with a partner, and this goes with the women too who are in their 30's. Relationship experts suggest that one should always find a partner, a companion or a special someone to love.

The beautiful phase of love is tremendously marvelous and it has its bad and good points too. When you are in a relationship and when you make it work, there is endless happiness.

Relationship experts state that everyone should find that someone special who can make the heart race and turn your world into a good mess. But, with the life we all tend to lead today, most people resent going in for a relationship.

Here are some of the reasons why relationships don't work out in the 21st century. You must spend a few moments reading this article:

Lack Of Patience

Most people I come across lack the patience to live life, so how would you expect them to be in a relationship, right?

This is one of the many reasons why most men and women don't want to fall in love, as they don't have the patience to deal with another in their life. They prefer to be open towards the short-term connections that come their way and stay away from the serious ones.

There Is Fear Of Commitment

The fear of committing to each other is so strong that it puts one in a place of solitude. The fear of commitment overpowers a relationship and, therefore, making couples find the need of not falling in love. Giving a word and keeping up with it is too hard for the people of this generation.

Giving Up On Love Easily

Then again, there are some men and women who don't believe in the idea of love. Even if they are in a relationship, they find the necessity of moving out of it immediately and living alone. In some cases, those who have been in love and have been witnessed to a heartache or cheating find it difficult to fall in love again. People of this generation give up on love as they fear of being broken again.

Blame The Busy Life

The life we all lead also plays a strong role in relationships not working out. From the many people we have come across, the work life they are in doesn't give them an opportunity to fall in love in the first place. The work-life eats them up from inside for which there is no place for love any further.

Fear Of Losing That Special One

Another reason why couples have no time to love is that they feel that if they get too attached to that crush or a fling, there are chances of that relationship coming to an end. They do not want to invest in emotions and just want the pleasure out of bodies. If they fall in love, they fear to lose as attachment grows between each other.

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