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8 Fair & Square Questions To Ask The Future Husband


Women, it is time to pull up your socks and ask your to-be husband these fair and square questions. We think that every woman has the right to know, if she is going to be put to the test before marriage.

It is a known fact that both men and women change after the knot is tied, and especially 'some' Indian men who want to own their wife as a trophy.

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The modern Indian woman is educated, can think for herself and does not need a man to make her feel happy, she is independent and can live life on her own terms.

Men should understand that once you place the ring on the finger, there are certain things that will never change to make you happy.

For those Indian women who are timid and who have a fear of questioning their to-be husband, we think it is time to change. It is now time to face the world with a smile on your face and an attitude.

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Women who are getting into an arranged marriage, here are some of the honest questions that you should ask your future husband.

Experts advice that these questions have to be answered in order to have a transparent relationship or bond before both the families become one. So, take a look:


Have You Been In A Physical Relationship?:

This is one question most women fail to ask their to-be husband. Experts state that before you settle down with the partner, both parties should confront their past sexual encounters if any.


Do You Have A Problem With My Sense Of Style?:

Will the way I dress become a problem for you after marriage? If you have a sexy way of flaunting those curves, make sure your man knows your sense of fashion style.


Can You Cook Too?:

Men who cook are a dream come true for a woman. Some women love the idea of their man cooking. So guys, if this question is thrown at your face and if you know to cook, smile away.


Do You Have A Problem With Me Working?:

If you are a career-minded woman, make sure that your to-be husband understands it well. However, ask him if he is comfortable with the idea of you being a working woman.


Do You Have Girl Best Friends?:

This is one question you should ask the man you're going to marry. It will leave you with no surprises later on.


Are You In Touch With Your Past Flames?:

If you are getting into an arranged marriage, you should surely ask this question. And, don't stay quite if the answer you get is not assuring.


Do You Suffer From Addictions?:

Though you would love to get an honest feedback, there are only a few men out there in this big wide world who would admit to having an addiction.


Where Are We Going To Live?:

This honest question will decide your happiness, so yes, it is important to ask the man if he is moving in with the parents or would love to go nuclear.

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