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Best Tattoo Designs For Valentine's Day

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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It is said that true love has to go through several painful experiences. If it is true, why not bear some pain and get exciting couple tattoos this Valentine's day?

Make this valentine's day memorable forever, with your love, by having creative couple tattoos. Today, young couples love to experiment with their relationship.

So, if you want the best tattoo designs, there is nothing more creative and experimental than that.

This is the time to show your love towards your partner. Both of you can make your Valentine’s day memorable forever by getting couple tattoos done.

There are several best tattoo designs that couples can get this Valentine's day. You can get images and symbols, separated by halves, and having those parts on the body of both denotes how you people are connected to each other.

However, before having a tattoo, you should always maintain some guidelines like always go to experts; check out the product beforehand, so that you won’t get any skin problems with those; get the body part waxed well to get a better tattoo.

Which are the best tattoo designs for your love? Here are some best tattoo designs that couples can get this Valentine's day. You are surely going to be tempted by these designs. Have a look and try them out this Valentine’s day.


1.Tattoo Each Other’s Name:

What can be more romantic than engraving his/her name on your wrist or arm, right? If you both have each other's name tattooed on your body parts, automatically it will have a permanent impression on your heart.


2.Heart And Initials:

Want to go simple but cute? Have a tattoo of each other's initials with a little heart. Get it on your wrist; and whenever you guys hold hands, your heart will beat together.


3.Two Halves Of Hearts:

If you're looking for the best tattoo designs couples can get this Valentine's day, this is the perfect result of your searching. Tattoo two halves of a heart, and whenever you guys are together you'll be one heart one soul.


4.Mr. & Mrs.:

Is this your first Valentine's day after marriage? Then make your loving bond stronger by tattooing Mr. & Mrs. on your fingers. That tattoo with your engagement ring will always make you remember your spouse during tough times.


5.King And Queen Of Cards:

If you're the King of the pack, your girlfriend is the Queen of hearts. Why not get king and queen tattoos done on your body and rule each other's heart?


6.Mickey And Minnie:

This Valentine's day, you can go sweet and cute. Many teen couples love this tattoo design. With you having Mickey and your girlfriend Minnie, you can create the magic of Disney.


7.Opposites Attract:

Are you completely different than your boyfriend? Do you look at South when he looks at North? Then this is one of the best tattoo designs that you guys can get this Valentine's day. Tattoo a plus sign and a minus sign on both of your bodies and walk along.


8.Lock And Key:

If you're the lock your boyfriend is the key. When you are sad and depressed, your boyfriend knows how to open the door of happiness for you and make you laugh. Represent your bonding by this tattoo design this Valentine's day.

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Story first published: Friday, February 12, 2016, 17:30 [IST]
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