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Ways To Cope Up With Breakup

By Puruvi Sirohi Singh Tara
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People might suggest millions of how to cope with the emotional pain after breakup. But, the truth remains that it is like losing a complete part of your life that you treasured. The breakup does not only feel like a loss of a partner but also fear of loneliness and rejection that accompanies it.

Most people, however strong they are, are unable to adapt to such situations and some of them end up taking extreme steps such as suicide or social cut off. But, this is not the solution to the potent problem that one is facing instead this could be seen as an escape route to avoid the complex feelings that one might be going through.

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There are always two or more ways to look at a situation or a problem at hand. One that is easiest is seeing the dark parts of it and reacting in a negative manner such as social seclusion.

Other would a little more positive and looking it as a chance to start over again or freeing oneself from an unavoidable painful situation. This outlook often gives the person the strength to look for ways to cope with emotional pain after breakup.

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Although with this pain here are some strategies that might answer your question of “”How to cope with emotional pain after breakup?”


Feedback Strategy

The first solution to "How to cope with emotional pain after break up" is by positive feedback strategy. Give yourself positive feedbacks such "he/she was not worth the pain you had already suffered" , "s/he had to go for you to grow emotionally"...etc. these feedbacks often trigger the positive emotional response from a person and helps them in dealing with the loss.


Self-assurance Method

How to cope with emotional pain after breakup? The answer lies in you. Assure yourself positively about the happenings. Tell yourself that it wasn't your fault as this was meant to happen. Also, it is important to understand that not all relationships are meant to last a lifetime.


Diverting Mind

This helps to a certain extent but it is essential to understand that this is a small time measure and life has to go back to normal. Diverting your mind with extra work or party with friends could not last forever and has to stop someday for you to face the truth. But, sometimes after a little while the pain is much less and can be dealt with more easily.


Let The Friends And Family In

Don't lock your friends and family out. Sometimes all it takes to sink in the feeling of a breakup is letting it out to the people who care or perhaps even a total stranger. Family and friends not only help you cope but also help you forget and move on.


Thinking It Through Rationally By Letting It Go

How to cope with emotional pain after break up? It can be simple if you are a rational thinker. Go through the circumstances that caused the breakup in detail and maybe you will find that it was not meant to stay. This will make it easier for you to let it go.


Give Yourself Space And Time

Time is a great healer let it do the job and sit tight and stay calm until then!

Story first published: Thursday, June 18, 2015, 1:02 [IST]