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10 Things To Do When He Loses His Erection


Losing an erection is not a crime or a sin. When your man loses his erection you have to be there for him and lend him your support.

There are a lot of things to do when he loses an erection and that doesn't involve bringing the roof down. If your man has lost the ability to perform his 'duties' tonight there might be something wrong with his health or he might be mentally upset.

So, when you find the wind out of his sail and the tent collapsing, here are some of the things to do to help him get back into the mood. Keep in mind not to panic as this is not an emergency or life threatening problem.

Take a look at the ten simple things to do when your man loses his erection.


You Take Control

Step up and take control. He might not be in the mood to be the knight tonight, so be the woman of his dreams and make him feel like heaven.


Give Him A Treat

You know what I mean!! Give him a treat and help him come out of this feeling. This is one of the perfect things to do when he loses his erection. You will be surprised to the energy pop up.


Set A Mood

Set the mood right by talking to him about the problem. There might be something playing on his mind which is why he is not able to please you. Talk to him and sort out the issue to get back in the game.


Watch Porn together

Watching porn together can help him get back his lost erection. There are a lot of couples who opt for porn to get into the lovely dovey mood.


Remove Your Lingerie

Spice things up with lingerie. Do your bit as a woman and make him feel special by wearing his favourite colour. This is an important thing to to when he loses his erection.


Try Aphrodisiac Foods

Aphrodisiac foods can be your solution to the problem. Feed him loads of strawberries, boost his spirit with chocolate and entice him with an avocado milkshake. Try these special foods.


Find Out The Problem

One of the main causes of a man to lose his erection is stress, so if he is under any stress, find out the problem to it and help him sort it out.


Change Positions

If changing positions can help you both in the bedroom, there is nothing like it. Take control of the horse and make him feel worthy.


Talk Dirty

Talking dirty is also another thing to do when he loses his erection. If you get the notes right you will be able to help him back on track.


Don't Blame Yourself

Lastly never blame yourself when he loses an erection. It will be of no help to you or to him.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 16, 2015, 22:03 [IST]
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