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7 Reasons Why Emotional Cheating Is The Worst

By Debdatta Mazumder

In your life, there are many stages when you have to face emotional cheating. A small example to know better, you like to spend time more with your friends instead of your partner. What do you do exactly?

Here comes emotional cheating evidently. Now, a little bit is nothing dangerous, but if you make cheating your habit then you need to know the reasons why emotional cheating is the worst.

Why emotional cheating is bad? Before that you need to know what is emotional cheating. Previously, it was regarded emotional cheating to have sex outside marriage. But, now, that can not only reason behind it.

Danger Signs Of Emotional Cheating

Any closer bond between you and other than your partner is known as emotional cheating. Let’s talk about emotional cheating on relationship.

It is always good to have friends who can understand you and make you feel better in your misery. But when you have a close friend of opposite sex, there is a thin line that you must not cross.

Now, how will you know that you are crossing the line? Do you like spending more time with him/her than your partner?

Do you hide anything from your partner about your friendship? Well, it is time to make you aware about the reasons why emotional cheating is the worst and it hurts a lot. Why emotional cheating is bad? Read on to know more

1. Leading Two Lives- one of the important reasons why emotional cheating is the worst. If you are emotionally attached to someone else, you will have an indomitable desire to spend time with him/her. So, this leads you to live a dual life when you can’t concentrate on any of the relations.

2. Lose Focus From Work- emotional cheating leads to day dreaming and that brings break up. But how does it affect your work? Actually, you can’t think of happy memories you spend with your special friend in front of your partner. So, you think while you are working and lose concentration.

3.Take Your Partner For Granted- very valid among the reasons why emotional cheating is the worst. When you get attached to someone new, you make a little distance from your partner. They don’t understand what is happening but you make the gap longer. This is why emotional cheating is bad.

4.Start To Compare- very inevitable while you or your partner is cheating emotionally. Whenever you get emotionally connected more to someone, you start comparing your partner’s behavior to them. Basically, every people have their own style of expression. Such comparison can make you vulnerable and impulsive to take right decisions.

5.You Can’t Avoid Frustration- yes, such behavior not only keeps your lover away from you, it also effects on you like hell. Your position becomes like a shuttlecock. You are happy with your partner but you are addicted to someone else. This confusion can create frustration.

6.Leads to Fights- When you are emotionally attached to your friend more, then you become hideous. Simple queries of your partner seem interfering. So, you start fighting on petty matters. This is obviously one of the reasons why emotional cheating is the worst. Sometimes such fighting ends in break ups.

7.Guilt Captures Your Mind- you have a conscience. Whatever you do you can’t get rid of it. If you know that you are doing wrong with your partner, you will feel guilty. Such feelings can destroy your peace of mind and make you alone in crowd.

So, here are some reasons why emotional cheating is the worst. Instead of doing such thing, try to find a friend in your partner. Every relationship is based on friendship. If you are able to do that, you will know how not to cross the line of friendship and love affair.

Story first published: Thursday, April 2, 2015, 22:04 [IST]